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The San Diego Archers maintain two archery ranges in the heart of Balboa Park in the city of San Diego. The fee is just $2.00 per day, or $19 per calendar month, for both members and non-members. The money collected goes to the maintenance of the ranges. Thank you for helping to support San Diego's Archery Club.

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Both archery ranges are open from sunrise to sunset, 365 days per year. The San Diego Archers host 25 archery tournaments each year, open to members and non-members: 23 tournaments are at the Rube Powell Archery Range and two at the Morley Field Archery Range. Other organizations may host tournaments, such as the US Police and Fire Championships and the Senior Olympics. An archery range will be closed to public shooting during tournaments, so please check the SDA website for closures. When a tournament is in progress at the Rube Powell Archery Range, the Morley Field Archery Range will be open to the public and vice versa. Tournaments are held on the first and third weekend of each month.


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