Field – 18 December 2016

Field Round – December 18, 2016

Congratulations to Cary West!

Top score of the shoot:

528 + 48 X’s  


This was Hannah’s last shoot with us. 🙁

Hannah has been closing in on the top Male Free Style scores this year. We were expecting to list her with the High Score of the Shoot at least a few times in 2017, but sadly for us, she is moving at the end of the year. 

The San Diego Archers will miss you and wish you well with your new job!

(We hope to see you and many other SDA Alumni at the Vegas Shoot!)


NOTE: Jason shot half the Round with his 1 year old on his back (a la Danni Miller!) and was shooting on par for 1st place if baby duties didn’t take priority. Nice shooting, Jason.  Also, Don DeLeon shot four targets on his new knee, great to have you back, Don (even briefly!)


28 paper targets: 560 total points and 112 X’s possible. 

Turnout:  41 archers, 39 scorecards turned in. 

Style Name Score X’s Place
CFNFR Wathen, Lily 136   1
CFNFR Taylor, Rachel 104   2
YAMFS Johnson, Josh 485 40 1
MSMFS Riess, Bob 487 7 1
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Unmarked 3D – 04 Dec 2016

 Unmarked 3D – December 4, 2016

GREAT shooting today, Everyone!

Three things to note: Dave Dooney, shooting in the Adult Male Bowhunter Free Style (AMBHFS) class had the top score, 270 + 14 X’s. Most often, the top score is in the AMFS class.

Second, Hannah Herald, shooting in the AFFS class, had the third highest score of the shoot, tying with Mark Omel and Brandon Grossman in score, with the X-count breaking the three-way tie: Mark had 11 X’s, Hannah had 9 (placing her 4th overall), Brandon had 8….so close!

Scroll down to the second table below for the top 40 scores from today’s shoot.

Third, Jayson Bentcik’s score was incorrectly written on his scorecard at the end of the shoot. His correct score is 269 + 9 X’s, putting him in 1st place AMFS and 2nd highest score of today’s shoot.

Congratulations To Dave Dooney!

Top score of the shoot:

270 + 14 X’s!


28 3D Animal Targets. 280 total points and 28 X’s possible.

Turnout: 92 archers registered, 81 scorecards turned in. 

Style Name Score X’s Place
CFNFR Taylor, Rachel 74   1
CFNFR Yankopoulos, Elise 54   2
CFNFR Starbuck-Smith, Salem 28   3
CMNFR Harrel, Rio 113 1
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Hunter – 19 Nov 2016

 Hunter Round – November 19, 2016

Congratulations To Sylvester Cooper!!


Top score of the shoot: 

545 + 49 X’s! 


This was Sly’s last shoot with us. 🙁

It has been an honor and pleasure to shoot with you, Sly.

The San Diego Archers will miss you and wish you well.

(See you at the Vegas Shoot!)

It’s Mark’s turn to move up now (when Jason isn’t around!)


Out of 23 SDA shoots, so far this year (2 left), Sly shot in 18:

Placed 1st in eight, 2nd in three, and 3rd in one shoot.

(We won’t mention the Sir Gordon Trad Shoot,

but the entertainment value there was priceless…)


Well done, Sly!  


560 total points and 112 X’s possible.

41 archers registered, 38 scorecards turned in.

Style Name Score X’s Place
CFSRC Hopper, Melody 297 6 1
MSMFS Riess, Bob 487 15 1
SMTRAD Neveu, Mike 119   1
SMBHFS Howell, Mike 499 21 1
SMBHFS Garvey, Mike 491 17 2
SMBHFS Norman, Duane 464 15 3
SMBHFS Tahmahkera, Steve 415 6  
SMFS Copp, Steve 512 35 1
SMFS West, Cary 487 18 2
SMFS Chu, Daniel 481 16 3
AFTRAD Koutz, Patty 135 1 1
AMTRAD Harrel, Russ
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