Hel­lo Fel­low Archers, 

The San Diego Archers allow groups and coach­es to reserve lanes at the Mor­ley Field Archery Range upon request. Any group may send an email request to the San Diego Archers spec­i­fy­ing the dates, times and num­ber of lanes need­ed. Reser­va­tions must be approved by the San Diego Archers. PLEASE NOTE: The $2 day use fee applies to each archer in the group or class using lanes at the Mor­ley Range.

The cur­rent lane reser­va­tion sched­ule is below (Updat­ed 08/13/17):

SDA-Wound­ed War­rior Bat­tal­ion Archery Clin­ics: Mon­days, 10am-noon.
  Lanes 1–16 (Entire left field, 10–40 yards)
        July 10, 17, 24, 30; August 7

Archery House (Archery class­es, pre-reg­is­tra­tion required):
  Lanes 13–16 (Left field, far right lanes, 10 yards)
    YMCA Sum­mer Archery Camps:
        August 14 — August 18 (8:30am — 3pm)
            (Con­tact: Tara Folz, Archery House, tfolz@archeryhouse.com)

Adri­an Empire: 1st Sat­ur­day of the month, 10am-noon.
  Lanes 7–8 (Left field, 30 yards), Lanes 9–10 (20 yards), occa­sion­al­ly lane 13 (10 yards).
            No Adri­an Empire archery on: July 1 and Sep­tem­ber 2, 2017.

CBH/SAA CA State 900 Round: Sun­day, Sep­tem­ber 17, 6:30am — ~2pm.
  Lanes 1–34 (Entire left and right fields)

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