Daryl Robinson – Top Male Compound Score (AMFS) & Top Score of the Shoot!
568 points + 8 X’s
Diana Ralston – Top Female Compound Score (SFFS):
550 points + 2 X’s
Rachel Taylor – Top Female Traditional Score (CFNFR):
243 points + 1 X
Russ Harrel – Top Male Traditional Score (AMTRAD):
494 points + 2 X;s
Peter Limone – Top Male Olympic Recurve Score (AMFSL R/L):
435 points +1 X
Allison Miller – Top Female Olympic Recurve Score (AFFSL R/L:
524 points + 2 X’s

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28 paper animal targets: 588 total points and 28 X’s possible.
Turnout: 63 archers registered, 60 scorecards turned in.

CFNFRTaylor, Rachel24311Top Female Trad
CMNFRStrong, Dylan18511
MSMBHFSSallis, Gary52311
SSMTRADCollins, Robert42621
SSMTRADPaulson, Joel2922
SSMTRADMorgan, Bill24913
SSMBHFSStewart, Gregg50631
SSMBHFSHooper, Brandon48022
SSMBBHartman, Phil39511
SSMFSRivera, Ignacio55991
SSMFSTownsend, Terry55952
SSMFSSkates, Tommy55223
SSMFSTevis, Louie5453
SSMFSBacling, Louis5411
SSMFSTahmahkera, Steve5323
SMTRADBaker, Jim40201
SMTRADNeveu, Mike1882
SMBHFSPole, Kenneth54651
SMBHFSHowell, Mike54572
SMBHFSSamson, Douglas53633
SMBHFSGrossman, Mike Sr.5362
SMBBFleming, Dana3791
SFFSRalston, Diana55021Top Female Compound
SFFSWest, Dottie50332
SMFSTinsley, Todd56461
SMFSGarvey, Mike55972
SMFSVoigt, Brad55833
SMFSLyford, Larry5564
SMFSWest, Cary5345
SMFSPenner, Scott5322
AFTRADKoutz, Patty1201
AMTRADTaylor, Kevin33001
AMTRADToledo, Joshua2962
AMTRADMiller, Steve22623
AMTRADHernandez, Ezequiel2060
AFFSL R/LMiller, Allison52421Top Female Trad (Olympic)
AFFSL R/LLimone, Terry34312
AMFSL R/LLimone, Peter43511Top Male Trad (Olympic)
AFBHFSOaks, Kim50601
AFBHFSHudson, Amber46112
AMBHFSLorenz, Sean54751
AMBHFSClarke, Joshua54132
AMBHFSAdams, Chuck53713
AMBHFSMackey, Scott5213
AMBHFSGreen, Bruce5204
AMBHFSHunt, David4842
AMBBHarrel, Russ49421Top Male Trad
AFFSBond, Clarissa53551
AMFSRobinson, Daryl56881Top Male Compound
AMFSBasden, Jason56792
AMFSToennies, Daniel56553
AMFSJackson, Gabe56110
AMFSRidgeway, Devin5619
AMFSGuadiana, Frank5591
AMFSHopper, Ken5575
AMFSJarrell, Blake5566
AMFSChin, Brandon5513
AMFSBonesteel, Brian5494
AMFSStewart, Matthew 5482
AMFSMcSherry, Josh538

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