Okay, Okay!!! I’m taking a mulligan on score keeping! My apologies, I’m out of the country working for a bit and thought I could multi-task and post the scores while away. There were LOTS of mistakes in the first round of posted scores. Hopefully, they are all correct now, but please let me know if you find anymore. This a good time to remind everyone to take a picture of your scorecard after the shoot. Let us know if the posted bow class/score is incorrect, we’ll correct it ASAP. Also, remember, we are all volunteers. If you’d like to help out, please speak up!

Congratulations to:
Rachel Taylor – Top Female Traditional Score (CFNFR):
112 points

Rob Collins – Top Male Traditional Score (SSMTRAD):
217 points + 5 X’s
Diana Ralston – Top Female Compound Score (AFFS):
252 points + 7 X’s

David Holmberg – Top Male Compound Score (AMBHFS) & High Score of the Day!!!
270 points + 11 X’s
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28 3D animal targets: 280 total points and 28 X’s possible.
Turnout: 100 archers registered, 86 scorecards turned in (incl. 17 Range Finder Guests).

CFNFRTaylor, Rachel11201Top Female Trad
YFTRADYankopoulos, Elise9401
YFTRADPeek, Olivia3002
YMTRADHarrel, Rio8911
YMTRADRabadan, Ian5402
YMBHBailey, Troy16331
YAMTRADJansen, Joey13601
MSMTRADAkin, Larry19741
MSMBHFSSallis, Gary18321
MSMFSPeitz, Bill21851
MSMFSAhrensberg, Dan20632
SSMTRADCollins, Robert21751Top Male Trad
SSMTRADMarkert, Mike13402
SSMTRADPelkey, Roy13313
SSMBHFSHooper, Brandon19521
SSMBHFSStewart, Gregg18822
SSMFSRivera, Ignacio26691
SSMFSRichardson, Rod25272
SSMFSTevis, Louie24843
SSMFSRummage, Jimmy2453
SSMFSZaleckis, Dave2253
SFTRADYankopoulos, Karen8201
SMTRADBaker, Jim15631
SMTRADMorgan, Bill13612
SMTRADPaulson, Douglas13503
SMTRADPaulson, Joel860
SFBHFSSachak, Katie1491
SMBHFSSamson, Douglas25271
SMBHFSHowell, Mike23752
SMBHFSMilne, Eric22753
SMBHFSNoll, Howard2271
SMBHFSGabbert, Steve2065
SMBBFleming, Dana16901
SFFSRalston, Diana24751Top Female Compound
SFFSSheehan, Erika20012
SMFSTinsley, Todd262101
SMFSSachak, Mark25472
SMFSAhrensberg, Jaime24743
SMFSChu, Daniel2439
SMFSLyford, Larry2325
SMFSGarvey, Mike2306
SMFSSheehan, Donald2261
SMFSBalestrieri, Frank2215
SMFSRincon, Tony20901
SMFSNeveu, Mike1090
AFTRADWooddell, Jenna6701
AMTRADWalker, Jim21321
AMTRADRobinson, Ryan20802
AMTRADToledo, Joshua18223
AMTRADOliver, Robert1491
AMTRADTaylor, Kevin126
AMTRADAddy, Jason871
AMBHFSHolmberg, David270111Top Male Compound
AMBHFSHancock, David25862
AMBHFSAdams, Chuck25673
AMBHFSPetrun, David2567
AMBHFSPicone, Bryce2443
AMBHFSAdams, Daniel1894
AMBHFSGerken, Josef1860
AMBHFSMcDonald, Steven1852
AMBHFSLagrand, Ryan1151
AMBBHarrel, Russ19741
AFFSStout, Tina17611
AMFSSipe, Bryan26641
AMFSBasden, Jason26492
AMFSJungers, Mark25663
AMFSHopper, Ken2519
AMFSVisser, James2509
AMFSMatranga, Vincent2497
AMFSJacobs, Ryan2403
AMFSMcSherry, Josh2332
AMFSStewart, Matthew 2266

Range Finder Guest Results

MSFBHFSLegat, TeriG21161
SSMBHFSTahmahkera, SteveG21721
SSMFSSkates, TommyG26091
SSMFSBacling, LouisG23322
SMBHFSPole, KennethG25651
SMBHFSWood, KimG25292
SMBHFSGrossman, Mike Sr.G22833
SMBHFSPonder, SteveG2273
SMFSMcKnight, RussG22071
AFFSL R/LLimone, TerryG14801
AMFSL R/LLimone, PeterG16621
AMFSMendez, GusG26261
AMFSRobinson, JeremyG25763
AMFSJimenez, JanoG24582

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