Congratulations to:
****Mike Neveu – Top Male Compound Score (SMFS) & Top Score of the Shoot!****
568 points + 7 X’s
Michonne Taylor – Top Female Compound Score (AFFS):
528 points + 2 X’s
Jim Baker – Top Male Traditional Score (SMTRAD):
443 points + 1 X’s
Nick Amen – Top Male Olympic Recurve Score (YMFSL R/L):
468 points + 1 X’s
Allison Miller- Top Female Olympic Recurve Score (AFFSL R/L:
435 points + 1 X’s
****A special congratulations to Mike Neveu (aka: Train Wreck, when he’s shooting recurve!). Mike drives from Twenty Nine Palms (over 2.5 hours) to shoot with us. Well deserved, Mike! BTW, he has Team Train Wreck t-shirts available for anyone interested. 😉
Two more dedicated archers: Diana Ralston & Louie Tevis regularly drive from Arizona to shoot in SDA tourneys! The San Diego Archers truly appreciate all the effort you make to join us.****

28 3D animal targets: 588 total points and 28 X’s possible.
Turnout: 55 archers registered, 49 scorecards turned in.

CMSRCBourhenne, Draven (Williams)3051
CFNFRBourhenne, Sofia1161
CFNFRBourhenne, Sephora402
SSMBHFSRiess, Bob55221
SSMBHFSStewart, Gregg5082
SSMBHFSWhite, Malcom46513
SSMFSTownsend, Terry55831
SSMFSRivera, Ignacio55032
SSMFSTevis, Louie54333
SSMFSTrautman, Scott5393
SMTRADBaker, Jim44311Top Male Trad
SMBHFSHowell, Mike55441
SMBBHartman, Phil3821
SMBBFleming, Dana34012
SMFSNeveu, Mike56871Top Male Compound
SMFSLyford, Larry55442
SMFSChu, Daniel55353
SMFSGarvey, Mike5524
SMFSFisher, Danny5455
SMFSBacling, Louis5326
AFTRADKoutz, Patty1841
AMTRADDanilchenko, Gleb35311
AMTRADSantos, Alan2492
AFFSL R/LMiller, Allison43511Top Female Trad (Olympic)
AMFSL R/LAmen, Nick46811Top Male Trad (Olympic)
AFBHFSWhite, Myloan26011
AMBHFSDooney, David56041
AMBHFSPole, Kenneth55872
AMBHFSBourhenne, Derrick54623
AMBHFSChin, Brandon5422
AMBHFSGrossman, Mike Sr.5322
AMBHFSSipe, Bryan5225
AMBHFSGreen, Bruce5101
AMBHFSGabbert, Steve4902
AMBHFSWhite, Nathan480
AMBHFSCallanan, Clint379
AMBHFSLiles, Chris2784
AMBBWalker, Jim36521
AFFSTaylor, Michonne52821Top Female Compound
AFFSBourhenne, Gabrielle202(Bow Malfunction)
AMFSTaylor, Chris5631
AMFSTinsley, Todd56152
AMFSHopper, Ken55863
AMFSTaylor, Joshua5515
AMFSMatranga, Vincent5444
AMFSStewart, Matthew 5413
AMFSGuadiana, Frank5335
AMFSHicks, Robert5213
AMFSJorczak, Daniel4271

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