Congratulations to:
Dave Dooney – Top Male Compound Score (AMBHFS) & Top Score of the Shoot!
525 points + 37 X’s

Clarissa Bond – Top Female Compound Score (AFFS):
485 points + 17 X’s
Joshua Toledo – Top Male Traditional Score (AMTRAD):
261 points + 4 X’s
**NOTE: Joshua was initially listed in BHFS category, but was shooting recurve (TRAD). Our apologies to Thomas Garces, visiting from Beaumont, CA. who placed 2nd, instead of 1st with 222 points + 3 X’s, very nice shooting!**
Patty Koutz – Top Female Traditional Score (AFTRAD):
83 points + 1 X
Terry Limone – Top Female Olympic Recurve Score (AFFSL R/L):
217 points
Peter Limone – Top Male Olympic Recurve Score (AMFSL R/L:
285 points + 3 X’s
28 paper Field targets: 560 total points and 112 X’s possible.
Turnout: 42 archers registered, 41 scorecards turned in.

SSMBHFSRiess, Bob474161
SSFFSRalston, Diana468151
SSMFSRivera, Ignacio501181
SSMFSTevis, Louie489172
SSMFSJohnson, Dennis, Sr.473253
SMTRADNeveu, Mike17411
SMBHFSHowell, Mike484271
SMBHFSPenner, Scott43242
SMBBHartman, Phil36741
SMBBFleming, Dana31962
SMFSGarvey, Mike490221
SMFSLyford, Larry47882
SMFSChu, Daniel466153
SMFSFisher, Danny44812
AFTRADKoutz, Patty8311Top Female Trad
AFTRADStoneback, Kelley402
AMTRADToledo, Joshua26141Top Male Trad
AMTRADGarces, Thomas22232
AMTRADStoneback, Kevin17513
AMTRADJacobsen, Craig119
AMTRADHernandez, Ezequiel1031
AFFSL R/LLimone, Terry2171Top Female Trad (Olympic)
AMFSL R/LLimone, Peter28531Top Male Trad (Olympic)
AMBHFSDooney, David525371Top Male Compound
AMBHFSPole, Kenneth500192
AMBHFSSipe, Bryan492283
AMBHFSLawrence, Chaz48821
AMBHFSBourhenne, Derrick46610
AMBHFSGrossman, Mike, Sr.45018
AMBHFSPeekstok, Carey44227
AMBHFSOrr, Brandon42413
AMBHFSWhite, Nathan406
AFFSBond, Clarissa485171Top Female Compound
AMFSGipp, Chris513341
AMFSJohnson, Josh497492
AMFSTinsley, Todd496273
AMFSHopper, Ken48419
AMFSJackson, Gabe47312
AMFSHicks, Robert44715
AMFSCoggins, Corey4145
AMFSMartin, Paul2081

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