Con­grat­u­la­tions to Mike Heisler (Adult Male Recurve)!
Top score of the shoot: 494
NOTE: New for­mat this year! 32 tar­gets and TWO arrows per tar­get (instead of one arrow/28 tar­gets), so max points were 640 (not 280).

(Hon­or­able men­tion to our wheel­ie friends. No awards were giv­en, but, WOW, David Holm­burg shot 636 + 31 X’x and Mark Omel shot 632 + 37 X’s, out of 640 & 64 X’x pos­si­ble. Well done, guys!)

In hon­or of our most valu­able, Mem­ber Emer­i­tus Sir Gor­don Vail, we had anoth­er great turnout and every­one real­ly enjoyed the two arrows/target treat! (FYI: because of all the pos­i­tive feed­back we are con­sid­er­ing adding more 2-arrow 3D shoots to the cal­en­dar)

A giant THANK YOU to the vis­it­ing archers from Pasade­na Rov­ing Archers and oth­er CA clubs. It was great to see you all again!

See you next year!

32 3D tar­gets: 640 total points and 64 X’s pos­si­ble.
Turnout: 80 archers, 77 score­cards turned in.
55 tra­di­tion­al archers and 22 archers with “train­ing wheels” 😉

Cub, Female, No Sights, Fin­gers, Recurve
CFNFRSchwartz, Ava27301
CFNFRTay­lor, Rachel20112
CFNFRBourhenne, Sofia10313
Cub, Male, No Sights, Fin­gers, Recurve
CMNFRWilliams, Draven26011
Mas­ter Senior Male Long­bow, Car­bon Arrows
MSMLWBird, Marc1561
Mas­ter Senior Male Recurve
MSMRHasen­fang, Norm40981
MSMRVail, Gor­don37462
MSMRZaleck­is, Dave26923
Senior Male Long­bow, Car­bon Arrows
SMLCFlem­ing, Dana38831
SMLCPelkey, Roy36632
Senior Male Long­bow, Wood­en Arrows
SMLWBrokaw, Roy4501
SMLWSpillers, Jim26732
Senior Female Recurve
SFRFreed, Karen2831
Senior Male Recurve
SMRBak­er, Jim41571
SMRBacling, Louis39652
SMRPaul­son, Joel37023
SMRPen­ner, Scott3331
SMRNeveu, Mike2611
SMRTahmahk­era, Steve2261
SMRLyford, Lar­ry2211
Senior Male Olympic Recurve
SMRSLeBaron, Ver­lan38311
Adult Female Long­bow, Car­bon Arrows
AFLCSpillers, Shel­by16821
Adult Male Long­bow, Car­bon Arrows
AMLCEarl, Renal4321
AMLCAvina, Isre­al3842
AMLCBon­es­teel, Bri­an19323
Adult Female Long­bow, Wood­en Arrows 
AFLWKoutz, Pat­ty24411
AFLWGon­za­lez, Aura2072
Adult Male Long­bow, Wood­en Arrows 
AMLWTole­do, Joshua34031
AMLWMiller, Steve33032
AMLWAcfalle, Jonathan27323
Adult Female Bare­bow Recurve
AFBRMiller, Alli­son38041
Adult Male Bare­bow Recurve
AMBRChin, Bran­don43021
AMBRWalk­er, Jim40082
AMBRSel­l­i­er, Hawkins36113
Adult Female Olympic Recurve
AFORLimone, Ter­ry37151
Adult Male Olympic Recurve
AMORLimone, Peter47761
AMORAhrens, Toby24212
Adult Female Recurve
AFRAnge­les, Anne Marie32821
AFRBond, Claris­sa27422
AFROmel, Tomi24103
AFRCraig­head, Brit­ney2091
AFRPierce, Alyson1860
AFRPaul­son, Eri­ca1481
Adult Male Recurve
AMRHeisler, Mike4941
AMRVelazquez, Jim46962
AMRDanilchenko, Gleb3953
AMRCavanaugh, Sam3913
AMRTomas, Jeff3522
AMRMacKen­zie, John324
AMRTay­lor, Kevin2964
AMRTran, Ron2750
AMRGab­bert, Steve2512
AMRBourhenne, Der­rick2002
AMREid­son, Adam1712
AMRSan­tos, Alan1401
Senior Male Com­pound
SMCRivera, Igna­cio611251
SMCGar­vey, Mike601152
SMCHow­ell, Mike586283
SMCStew­art, Gregg5599
SMCHart­man, Phil4474
Adult Female Com­pound
AFCShee­han, Eri­ka50421
AFCTay­lor, Michonne50382
AFCOaks, Kim271103
Adult Male Com­pound
AMCHolm­berg, David636311
AMCOmel, Mark632372
AMCTins­ley, Todd621253
AMCTay­lor, Chris61218
AMCVoigt, Brad60024
AMCHuff, Ken59617
AMCZhu, Tansen59516
AMCMatran­ga, Vin­cent58921
AMCSam­son, Dou­glas58618
AMCStew­art, Matthew 58514
AMCShee­han, Don­ald57710
AMCGua­di­ana, Frank57315
AMCGoldring, Edmund53811
AMCVil­lalo­bos, Noe51613


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