Congratulations to Mike Heisler (Adult Male Recurve)!
Top score of the shoot: 494
NOTE: New format this year! 32 targets and TWO arrows per target (instead of one arrow/28 targets), so max points were 640 (not 280).

(Honorable mention to our wheelie friends. No awards were given, but, WOW, David Holmburg shot 636 + 31 X’x and Mark Omel shot 632 + 37 X’s, out of 640 & 64 X’x possible. Well done, guys!)

In honor of our most valuable, Member Emeritus Sir Gordon Vail, we had another great turnout and everyone really enjoyed the two arrows/target treat! (FYI: because of all the positive feedback we are considering adding more 2-arrow 3D shoots to the calendar)

A giant THANK YOUΒ to the visiting archers from Pasadena Roving Archers and other CA clubs. It was great to see you all again!

See you next year!

32 3D targets: 640 total points and 64 X’s possible.
Turnout: 80 archers, 77 scorecards turned in.
55 traditional archers and 22 archers with “training wheels” Β πŸ˜‰

Cub, Female, No Sights, Fingers, Recurve
CFNFRSchwartz, Ava27301
CFNFRTaylor, Rachel20112
CFNFRBourhenne, Sofia10313
Cub, Male, No Sights, Fingers, Recurve
CMNFRWilliams, Draven26011
Master Senior Male Longbow, Carbon Arrows
MSMLWBird, Marc1561
Master Senior Male Recurve
MSMRHasenfang, Norm40981
MSMRVail, Gordon37462
MSMRZaleckis, Dave26923
Senior Male Longbow, Carbon Arrows
SMLCFleming, Dana38831
SMLCPelkey, Roy36632
Senior Male Longbow, Wooden Arrows
SMLWBrokaw, Roy4501
SMLWSpillers, Jim26732
Senior Female Recurve
SFRFreed, Karen2831
Senior Male Recurve
SMRBaker, Jim41571
SMRBacling, Louis39652
SMRPaulson, Joel37023
SMRPenner, Scott3331
SMRNeveu, Mike2611
SMRTahmahkera, Steve2261
SMRLyford, Larry2211
Senior Male Olympic Recurve
SMRSLeBaron, Verlan38311
Adult Female Longbow, Carbon Arrows
AFLCSpillers, Shelby16821
Adult Male Longbow, Carbon Arrows
AMLCEarl, Renal4321
AMLCAvina, Isreal3842
AMLCBonesteel, Brian19323
Adult Female Longbow, Wooden Arrows
AFLWKoutz, Patty24411
AFLWGonzalez, Aura2072
Adult Male Longbow, Wooden Arrows
AMLWToledo, Joshua34031
AMLWMiller, Steve33032
AMLWAcfalle, Jonathan27323
Adult Female Barebow Recurve
AFBRMiller, Allison38041
Adult Male Barebow Recurve
AMBRChin, Brandon43021
AMBRWalker, Jim40082
AMBRSellier, Hawkins36113
Adult Female Olympic Recurve
AFORLimone, Terry37151
Adult Male Olympic Recurve
AMORLimone, Peter47761
AMORAhrens, Toby24212
Adult Female Recurve
AFRAngeles, Anne Marie32821
AFRBond, Clarissa27422
AFROmel, Tomi24103
AFRCraighead, Britney2091
AFRPierce, Alyson1860
AFRPaulson, Erica1481
Adult Male Recurve
AMRHeisler, Mike4941
AMRVelazquez, Jim46962
AMRDanilchenko, Gleb3953
AMRCavanaugh, Sam3913
AMRTomas, Jeff3522
AMRMacKenzie, John324
AMRTaylor, Kevin2964
AMRTran, Ron2750
AMRGabbert, Steve2512
AMRBourhenne, Derrick2002
AMREidson, Adam1712
AMRSantos, Alan1401
Senior Male Compound
SMCRivera, Ignacio611251
SMCGarvey, Mike601152
SMCHowell, Mike586283
SMCStewart, Gregg5599
SMCHartman, Phil4474
Adult Female Compound
AFCSheehan, Erika50421
AFCTaylor, Michonne50382
AFCOaks, Kim271103
Adult Male Compound
AMCHolmberg, David636311
AMCOmel, Mark632372
AMCTinsley, Todd621253
AMCTaylor, Chris61218
AMCVoigt, Brad60024
AMCHuff, Ken59617
AMCZhu, Tansen59516
AMCMatranga, Vincent58921
AMCSamson, Douglas58618
AMCStewart, Matthew 58514
AMCSheehan, Donald57710
AMCGuadiana, Frank57315
AMCGoldring, Edmund53811
AMCVillalobos, Noe51613


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  • Kim Oaks

    Alan Santos looks like we weren’t the only ones scoring wrong…
    Also, I would’ve taken first if we did it right. πŸ˜’

    August 2, 2017 at 4:12 pm Reply

  • Kim Oaks

    San Diego Archers we did check. But it said max score was 560, which didn’t make sense for double scoring 32 targets.
    It also said:
    “If you missed or scored low with the first arrow, a mulligan allows you to take another shot at a target. If you use a mulligan, your score is determined by that second arrow, even if you score worse than the first arrow. You may use the second mulligan on the same target. Your score is determined by the LAST arrow shot.
    There will be 1 or 2 buck-doe spreads in the field, where the doe placed between the buck and the archer. If you hit the doe and do not have a doe tag, you score -5 on the target. If you have a doe tag, you score zero. You cannot use a mulligan if you hit the doe, whether or not you have a doe tag. If you hit the buck or miss completely, you may use a mulligan and your score is determined from that SECOND arrow.”
    We scored by the last arrow shot. Still had a great time, just wish we had caught that it was double scoring. 🎯🎯

    August 2, 2017 at 4:43 pm Reply

  • Tomi Omel

    Mark Omel you have been mentioned, although i dont see why……trads ONLY next year, loser! LOL 😝

    August 2, 2017 at 6:42 pm Reply

  • San Diego Archers

    When in doubt check the web site, please.
    I spent a great deal of time building the website to read nicely on mobile (for this reason).
    Please try from your phone. I would be curious to hear whether the page is readable for you folks,

    August 2, 2017 at 4:29 pm Reply

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