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Is Compound real Archery..?


Just wanted to throw it out there. I know it could be a delicate subject and I guess it may of been discussed before.
I must stress I have nothing against the Compound world. In hunting situations I guess they are much more practical. They are compact and have flat trajectories. Any bow with at least 40lbs can kill almost anything that casts a shadow within 30m.
I also understand that many compound shooters are tremendously over bowed. It is a sport that has very macho overtones and lots of barbed wire tattoos!! 
Compound archers enjoy a huge ergonomic advantage. Basically you pull a trigger to fire the arrow, but I see that for people who cannot shoot more traditionally for one reason or another its a great thing.
For me.. I have always been a recurve shooter. There is something about imparting ALL the energy yourself that sends off the arrow. You really feel part of the shot when you carry the whole load across your back. Anything less than that then it feels very empty and that I am no longer an active part of the shot.
Thoughts anyone??

Please help.

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