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Jim Walker

Jim WalkerI'm usually lurking around the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range middle of the day or late evening.

My motto:
"Archery is 70% confidence, 20% consistency and 10% gremlins"

My how-to shoot archery video (I mean everyone's gotta have one right...):
Archery: Target - Point - 1001 - 1002 Technique to Improve Your Instinctive Recurve Bow Accuracy

What I most enjoy about archery is that it gets me away from the computer. Ok, that's about 50% of it.

The other 20% is the enjoyment of making the impossible shot and feeling it was meant to be.

I started some years back and seemed to have a knack for the instinctive style of shooting, though I find string walking more challenging. For me, string walking is like a handicap I feel I need to overcome. At tournaments, I usually fight the urge to shoot instinctive (both eyes open). Which is why if you are within earshot of me you'll likely hear me comment on "the range" to target. And as a result, I tend to miss targets I would otherwise bulls-eye instinctively. ?

The other 30% of archery for me is the challenge of trying techniques I've never tried in hopes of refining them. This is why you'll usually see me with a new bow set up that I just started using the week before... Why do I torture myself in this way? My idea of fun I guess.

My bows of choice must have wood in them. I don't see myself ever getting into that "Olympic stuff." A run through the forest with a bow in hand and 3 arrows at the ready–that's more my thing.

Oh, I also designed this website - another ongoing challenge.

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