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This month in SDA’s history

On Feb­ru­ary 22nd, 1970 the San Diego Field Archers held a P.A.A Round (Pro­fes­sion­al Archers Assoc.).

Mem­bers in atten­dence were as fol­lows:

Men Mem­bers — Score — Place
Har­ry Ross — 281
Cliff Dorr —             285 3rd
Sam Badil­lo —         292 1st
Bruce Flood — DNF
Walt Black­burn — 222
Jose Bar­ron —         289 2nd

Women Mem­bers
Bon­nie Russ — 274

Men Vis­i­tor
Roy Pow­ell — 290

Youth Mem­bers
Valerie Ross — (illeg­i­ble)
Steve Ross — (illeg­i­ble)

Inter­me­di­ate Mem­bers
Mark (illeg­i­ble) — (illeg­i­ble)

The Proffes­sion Archers Asso­ci­a­tion designed an out­door round called the P.A.A. Round. They want­ed a round that would have spec­ta­tor appeal and that could be shot fair­ly quick­ly with lit­tle vari­ance in scores among the bet­ter archers. They use short shoot­ing dis­tances and a large high-scor­ing area on the tar­get face. The dif­fer­ence between ape­fect shot, five points on a P.A.A. tar­get and a poor­er shot, three points, is only two points. On an Inter­na­tion­al face, which is used in nation­al and world com­pe­ti­tion, the be shot is worth ten points and he poor­est sho on the face receives only one point, a dif­fer­ence of nine points.
The lay­out of the Round con­sists of a course built in two units of ten tar­gets each, with dis­tances vary­ing from 16 to 65 yards, with no two dis­tances the same in in each ten tar­get unit. The tar­get dis­tances are marked at each shoot­ing posi­tion. The tar­get faces are black with white cen­ters. Faces are 14, 22, and 30 inch­es in diam­e­ter. There are three scor­ing rings; the inner ring scores five, the next ring four and the out­er ring three. Three arrows are shot at each tar­get and a per­fect score for the 20 tar­gets is 300. The proffes­sion­al tar­gets have large bull’s-eyes. On a 14 inch tar­get, high scor­ing ring is six inch­es; for the 22 inch tar­get it is nine inch­es; and on the 30 inch tar­get it is 12 inch­es in diam­e­ter. The proffes­sion­al range is designed rough­ly like a wheel, with the archers and spec­ta­tors in the hub area an the tar­get lanes radi­at­ing from the hub like spokes. With the com­par­a­tive short shoot­ing dis­tances and large scor­ing areas, per­fect scores are not uncom­mon.

If you rec­og­nize any­one from the above record and can tell a sto­ry or relay infor­ma­tion about them, please do!

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