Jim WalkerI’m usually lurking around the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range middle of the day or late evening.

My mot­to:
Archery is 70% con­fi­dence, 20% con­sis­ten­cy and 10% grem­lins”

My how-to shoot archery video (I mean everyone’s got­ta have one right…):
Archery: Tar­get — Point — 1001 — 1002 Tech­nique to Improve Your Instinc­tive Recurve Bow Accu­ra­cy

What I most enjoy about archery is that it gets me away from the com­put­er. Ok, that’s about 50% of it.

The oth­er 20% is the enjoy­ment of mak­ing the impos­si­ble shot and feel­ing it was meant to be.

I start­ed some years back and seemed to have a knack for the instinc­tive style of shoot­ing, though I find string walk­ing more chal­leng­ing. For me, string walk­ing is like a hand­i­cap I feel I need to over­come. At tour­na­ments, I usu­al­ly fight the urge to shoot instinc­tive (both eyes open). Which is why if you are with­in earshot of me you’ll like­ly hear me com­ment on “the range” to tar­get. And as a result, I tend to miss tar­gets I would oth­er­wise bulls-eye instinc­tive­ly. 🙂

The oth­er 30% of archery for me is the chal­lenge of try­ing tech­niques I’ve nev­er tried in hopes of refin­ing them. This is why you’ll usu­al­ly see me with a new bow set up that I just start­ed using the week before… Why do I tor­ture myself in this way? My idea of fun I guess.

My bows of choice must have wood in them. I don’t see myself ever get­ting into that “Olympic stuff.” A run through the for­est with a bow in hand and 3 arrows at the ready–that’s more my thing.

Oh, I also designed this web­site — anoth­er ongo­ing chal­lenge.