Club Responsibilities, Forms, Range Use Fees, Check-in and Scoring

Responsibilities of Membership

San Diego Archers Logo1. San Diego Archers are responsible for and are expected to assist in the maintenance of both the field range in Balboa Park and the target range at Morley Field by attending the monthly work parties.

2. Attend all club meetings.

3. Promote archery and conduct themselves according to the code of sportsmanship at all times.

4. Members must assist in the promotion of archery and should conduct themselves according to the code of sportsmanship at all times.

5. Observe all archery safety rules. No blunts, broad-heads or crossbows are allowed. Ensure guests and visitors on the range also observe these safety rules and practices.

6. While bow-hunting, conduct themselves according to all regulations, cooperating with game officials, practicing conservation and bring credit to the San Diego Archers.

SDA Club Forms

Range Use Donations

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Daily range use for both the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range and Morley Field Ranges is $2.00 a day or a discounted $19 a calendar month.

Range use donations are due “before” shooting on either range, and may be paid at the range entrance via the metal pole with cash payment slot at the top, or range use payments may be paid online.

For online payments we allow for two payment options:
1. PayPal (with a credit/debit card option)
2. Pledge (pay later)

For those of you who visit the ranges often, we ask that you donate just $19 for unlimited use of both ranges per calendar month. When you post a monthly donation $19 on the 15th of the month then you are covered for the remaining two weeks of the month. We believe this will help to alleviate any anxiety over “when did I last send in my monthly range use donation…”

No “person” will accept payment for range use except during official tournaments.

Rube Powell Range Pay and Check-in Pole Range Check-in

Your check-in will help the San Diego Archers Club improve our ranges. Please check-in before shooting. Personal information will never be made public, sold or shared.

For future reference, you may either visit this page from your phone or go to:

Current Range Check-ins

Morley Field

Rube Powell

Tournament Scoring

After tallying your paper scorecard, submit your score online via a mobile phone at

Preliminary or after tournament real-time scorecard results may be posted online at


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