Welcome San Diego Archers

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Welcome San Diego Archers

San Diego Archers

SDA is a very active club, sponsoring two shoots a month and three major tournaments a year. A 28 target 3D Round on the first Sunday of the month and a Club Championship Qualifying Round (28 target Animal, Field or Hunter Round) on the third Sunday of each month.

Each June SDA hosts the “King Arthur’s Day Tournament”, a 40 target novelty shoot with a medieval theme.

Would you like to attend SDA tournaments for free?
SDA holds a work party at our ranges each month. Contact us to see whether there are work party positions available before the next tournament and attend your next SDA shoot for free!

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San Diego Muleys Broken Arrow 3D Round – 31 March 2019

Please arrive earlySDA 2019 waivers must be signed and turned in for each archer AND each visitor accompanying any archer.

@sandiego_muleys, The Bow and Arrow Shop and San Diego Archers present:
The Broken Arrow  a 3D Archery Event
Sunday, March 31, 2019
At the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range

OVER $1500 in prizes available!

Sign up 7:30am to 10:00am
Shoot begins at 7:30am

Entry Fee:
$10 for SDA members & Active Duty Military
$15 for non-members

This 3D event includes:

  • 28 shots at 22 high quality Rhinehart and Mackenzie 3D targets (and a bit of steel to make it even more challenging).
  • Marked yardage from 30 to 100 yards
  • Rangefinders allowed

Scoring: 10-8-5-0
Maximum Score: 295

No Mulligans and Doe Tags

Separate categories for Men, Women and Youth Compound and Traditional shooters.

For more info, contact

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Unmarked 3D Round Results – 3 March 2019

Results for Tournament (rangefinder not allowed):

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Tournament Scoring Notes:
For “rangefinder not allowed” tournaments, only the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place scorers not using rangefinders will be shown.

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2018 Club Championship Awards!



Top Shot

2018 Club Championship Results!
(39 members qualified in 20 bow category styles!)

Any member who has scores recorded from at least one each of: 3D Round, Animal Round, Field Round & Hunter Round is eligible for the Club Championship Award.  The highest cumulative score is given the Club Championship Award for each bow style. All others are awarded Club Championship Qualifier Certificates. Awards are handed out at the San Diego Archers Annual Holiday Banquet & Awards Celebration held on the Monday evening following the last shoot of the year. The banquet is FREE to all members (guests welcome for an additional fee)! This year, all Club Champions for each bow style were given a gift certificate for one free shoot. 

Congratulations to Mark Omel!

Mark is the 2018 SDA Club Champion with the highest cumulative score of

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