Welcome San Diego Archers

Welcome San Diego Archers

SDA is a very active club, sponsoring two shoots a month and three major tournaments a year. A 28 target 3D Round on the first Sunday of the month and a Club Championship Qualifying Round (28 target Animal, Field or Hunter Round) on the third Sunday of each month.

Each June SDA hosts the “King Arthur’s Day Tournament”, a 40 target novelty shoot with a medieval theme.

Would you like to attend SDA tournaments for free?
SDA holds a work party at our ranges each month. Contact us to see whether there are work party positions available before the next tournament and attend your next SDA shoot for free!

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Hunter Round Results – 15 July 2018

Congratulations to:
Rachel Taylor – Top Female Trad Score (CFNFR = Cub, Female, No Sight, Fingers, Recurve/Longbow):
293 points + 3 X’s
Russ Harrel – Top Male Traditional Score (AMBB):
414 points + 12 X’s
Peter Limone – Top Male Olympic Recurve Score (AMFSL R/L:
371 points + 6 X’s
Tomi Omel – Top Female Compound Score (AFFS):
505 points + 22 X’s
David Dooney – Top Male Compound Score (AMFS) & Top Score of the Shoot!
532 points + 37 X’s
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28 paper Hunter targets: 560 total points and 112 X’s possible.
Turnout: 45 archers registered, 42 scorecards turned in.

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Hunter – 15 July 2018

Hunter Round
The San Diego Archers
Will host the Hunter Round
This Sunday, July 15, 2018
At the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range

Registration opens at 7:30am
Registration Closes at 8:45am
Shoot begins at 9am

The Hunter Round includes:
28 2D Paper Hunter Targets
4 Arrows per Target
Maximum Score: 560

The Hunter Round is a field archery tournament of 28 2D paper targets firing 4 arrows per target from RED colored stakes. There are 3 scoring zones on each target. Each arrow scores either 3 points for the outer black ring, 4 for the middle black ring or 5 for the center white ring. There is a center X ring to the inner 5 point zone.Hunter Target

Add up each arrow’s score to give a total score out of a maximum 560.

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Heads Up – Upcoming Summer Events!

So Much ARCHERY Fun in Balboa Park This Summer!
Dates Event Location
Sunday, July 15 Royals Archery Tourney hosted by The Barony of Calafia (same day as Hunter Round at Balboa Range) Morley Field Archery Range
Sunday, July 29 Archery SWAP MEET at the Sir Gordon’s Traditional 3D Shoot Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range
Sunday, August 12 Season Opener 3D Shoot hosted by San Diego Muleys Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range
Mondays, 10am-noon Wounded Warrior Battalion Archery Clinics Morley Field Archery Range
Tuesday Evenings Tuesday League Morley Field Archery Range
Friday Evenings Friday Night Lights Morley Field Archery Range
2nd Saturdays Alpine 3D Shoot hosted by Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club Alpine

Hello Fellow Archers!

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