Welcome San Diego Archers

Welcome San Diego Archers

SDA is a very active club, sponsoring two shoots a month and three major tournaments a year. A 28 target 3D Round on the first Sunday of the month and a Club Championship Qualifying Round (28 target Animal, Field or Hunter Round) on the third Sunday of each month.

Each June SDA hosts the “King Arthur’s Day Tournament”, a 40 target novelty shoot with a medieval theme.

Would you like to attend SDA tournaments for free?
SDA holds a work party at our ranges each month. Contact us to see whether there are work party positions available before the next tournament and attend your next SDA shoot for free!

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Field Round- 18 August 2018

Field Round
The San Diego Archers
Will host the Field Round
This SATURDAY, August 18, 2018
At the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range

Registration opens at 7:30am
Registration Closes at 8:45am
Shoot begins at 9am

The Field Round includes:
28 2D Paper Field Targets
4 Arrows per Target
Maximum Score: 560

The Field Round is a field archery tournament of 28 2D paper targets, firing 4 arrows per target from WHITE colored stakes for a total of 112 arrows. There are 3 scoring zones on each target. Each arrow scores either 3 points for the black outer ring, 4 for the white middle ring or 5 the black bull’s eye. There is a center X ring to the inner 5 point zone.

Field Target

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Season Opener Results! – 12 August 2018

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the First Annual Season Opener 3D Shoot. Everyone had a such great time, we all agreed that this should be an annual event!! Travis Bowman and his fantastic team of volunteers (primarily Andrew Read & Mark Omel and many more), set up some amazing clever shots that were fun for everyone (okay, the tight windows were tough for Trad bows, but were still fun!)

The shooting divisions were very simple: Male/Female, Hunter/Non-Hunter. If you had a current hunting license, you could register in the Hunter division and were eligible for amazing prizes donated by Bruce Marshall from the Bow & Arrow Shop. Raffle tickets for more fun prizes were given to everyone who successfully shot either of the two steel targets. (Bruce had the high score of the day, but Read more »

Unmarked 3D Results – 05 August 2018

Congratulations to:
Apinya Wong- Top Female Traditional Score (AFTRAD):
98 points
Dana Fleming (AMBB) – Top Male Traditional Score:
198 points + 3 X’s
Melanie Lucia – Top Female Compound Score (AFFS):
216 points + 4 X’s
Joe Zuniga – Top Male Compound Score (SMBHFS) 
257 points + 7 X’s

High Score of the Day (with Range Finder): JD Basden (AMFS) 
271 points + 11 X’s
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28 3D animal targets: 280 total points and 28 X’s possible.
Turnout: 64 archers registered, 50 scorecards turned in (incl. 12 Range Finder Guests).

Range Finder Guest Results

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