Welcome San Diego Archers

Welcome San Diego Archers

SDA is a very active club, sponsoring two shoots a month and three major tournaments a year. A 28 target 3D Round on the first Sunday of the month and a Club Championship Qualifying Round (28 target Animal, Field or Hunter Round) on the third Sunday of each month.

Each June SDA hosts the “King Arthur’s Day Tournament”, a 40 target novelty shoot with a medieval theme.

Would you like to attend SDA tournaments for free?
SDA holds a work party at our ranges each month. Contact us to see whether there are work party positions available before the next tournament and attend your next SDA shoot for free!

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2018 King Arthur Tournament Sponsors

51st Annual King Arthur TournamentKing Arthur Tournament is almost here!

Join us at the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range on June 17, 2018. Registration starts at 7am.
Pre-register by Jun 12th to receive one free ticket to win one of our many incredible donated prizes.

Click links below for more information:

Printable Registration form
Printable Waiver Form
Directions to Ye Tournament Grounds (aka: Rube Powell Archery Range)


2018 King Arthur Tournament Sponsors

Bow and Arrow ShopVictory Archery
Bow And Arrow ShopVictory Archery
LaMesa LumberEaston Archery
www.lamesalumber.comEaston Archery
Willow Creek ArcherySan Diego Archers
Willow Creek ArcherySan Diego Archers
USS MidwayLancaster Archery
San Diego Museum of Natural HistoryPerformance Archery
Lemon Grove Gun ClubBear State Bow Hunters
3 Rivers ArcheryLionheart Academy
www.3riversarchery.comLionheart Academy
Darkfin GlovesCarbon Express Arrows
Darkfin ArcheryCarbon Express Arrows
Black Widow BowsMathews Archery
Black Widow BowsMathews Archery
Shrewd Archery
Shrewd Archery
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SDA Member Sponsor Donations:
  • Todd Tinsley
  • Slow Cooker
  • Jim Baker
  • Cutting Board Set Donation
  • Patty Koutz
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    King Arthur Tournament Registration Guide!

    Are You Curious Which Bow Style and Age Division You Are In?
    Check Out the Handy Guide Below!


    The King Arthur Tournament is almost here, on Sunday, June 17, 2018
    At the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range!

    All archers, 12 years old and older, use the large flow chart to determine your bow style.

    Now, determine your bow division by selecting your age, gender and bow division, in that order.
    For example:
    A 30 yo female, shooting a recurve bow with no sight would be: Adult, Female, Traditional or AFTRAD.
    A 15 yo male, shooting a compound bow with a movable sight, using a release would be: Young Adult, Male, Freestyle or YAMFS

    PeeWee & Cubs use the smaller chart.

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    Unmarked 3D Results – 02 June 2018

    Congratulations to:
    Rachel Taylor – Top Female Traditional Score (CFNFR):
    88 points

    Rob Collins (SSMTRAD) & Russ Harrel (AMTRAD) – Top Male Traditional Score TIED!:
    191 points + 1 X’s
    Allison Miller – Top Female Olympic Recurve Score (AFFSL R/L):
    164 points + 1 X’s

    Clarissa Bond – Top Female Compound Score (AFFS):
    210 points + 5 X’s

    Todd Tinsley – Top Male Compound Score (SMFS) & High Score of the Day (without a range finder)!!!
    266 points + 8 X’s
    Check out San Diego Archers updates on Social Media!!!

    28 3D animal targets: 280 total points and 28 X’s possible.
    Turnout: 98 archers registered, 76 scorecards turned in (incl. 20 Range Finder Guests).

    PWMNFRTaylor, Thomas481
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