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52nd Annual King Arthur Tournament

Attention All Archers!

King Arthur Tournament registrations will begin at 7 am, at the Rube Powell Archery Range in Balboa Park, on June 16th.

The King Arthur renaissance themed tournament is our biggest festival event of the year.

Be sure to bring your family and friends to San Diego’s favorite archery event of 2019.

Don’t forget to wear your finest King Arthur themed costume to receive a free ticket for prizes.

There will be an on-stage “Best King Arthur Costume” award for the finest Knight and Lady attending as well.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there in your finest traditional renaissance ready archery gear.

🎯 May Your Aim Be True!


Help Us Find the Dragon

➳ Printable Registration form

➳ Printable SDA Waiver Form

➳ Directions to Ye Tournament Grounds
(aka: Rube Powell Archery Range)

2019 King Arthur Tournament Sponsors
And a hearty thank you to our sponsors for their generous support of the King Arthur’s Tournament this year!


The 52nd Annual King Arthur’s Tournament Top Sponsor for 2019:

Bow N Arrow Shop

Bow N Arrow Shop

Variety of Archery Gear



Victory Archery Victory Archery (4) Sets of Arrows

Archery House Archery House Class for  (15) Gift Certificate
San Diego Archers – Todd & Pamela Tinsley Coach Purse
Lionheart Academy Lionheart Academy Classes La Mesa Lumber Tool Gift Basket
USS Midway USS Midway Museum via San Diego Archers – Joe Dunn (9) Midway Passes
Performance Archery Performance Archery (2) Gift Cards Lemon Grove Gun Club (10) Free Passes
Willow Creek Archery Willow Creek Archery Custom Leather Quiver
Lancaster Archery Lancaster Archery (4) $25 Gift Certificates  
San Diego Archers – Gordon Custom Made Axe 3 Rivers Archery Gift Certificate
San Diego Archers – John MacKenzie Custom Made Quiver
San Diego Archers – Devorah Basden (2) Midway Passes
San Diego Archers – Clarrisa Bond Archery Supplies

* We appreciate all of our generous sponsors listed above by their donation level.

Would you like to help sponsor The King Arthur’s Tournament?
Please contact us for details.


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2019 Tuesday Evening League Results



Morley Field Archery Range

2019 Tuesday Evening League Results
Morley Field

Register by 5:30 p.m.

Shooting starts at 6:00 p.m.

If you want to improve your archery skills, this is the place to do it! The Tuesday Evening League is competitive, yet, still friendly, fun and a good value for the money…..What more could you want?
Only $5 per shoot (or save and pay $30 per leg, up front.)
Our handicap scoring system levels the playing field and allows all contender to battle for the league championship title.
 The league is divided into three legs. Each leg is 7 weeks long.
Leg 1: Tuesdays, April 9 to May 28.
Orange spots (a la Redding), various 2D animal & misc targets
3-90 yards, 12 targets, 2 arrows per target.

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Leg 2: Tuesdays, June 4 to July 16.
Mini (or 1/2) 900 Round, 60-50-40 yard, 3 x 5 arrow end.
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Leg 3: Tuesdays, July 23 to September 3.
3D Animal Targets, 20-50 yards, 14 targets, 2 arrows per target.
The Knock Out-Final Elimination Round will be on September 10 – details to be decided….
Hope to see you there!
Any questions? Please contact the San Diego Archers at

Unmarked 3D Round Results – 1 June 2019

Results for Tournament (rangefinder not allowed):

Congratulations to:
Dorian Hansen– Top Male Compound Score (SMFS) & High Score of the Shoot!
267 points + 10 X’s
Lindsay O’Dea– Top Female Compound Score (AFBHFS):
198 points +  3 X’s
Patty Koutz – Top Female Trad (AFTRAD):
68 points + 1 X
Ammar Morgan – Top Male Trad (AMTRAD):
213 points + 2 X’s
Terry Limone – (Guest; RF) Top Female Trad (AFFSL R/L):
145 points + 1 X

Pietro Limone – (Guest; RF) Top Male Trad (AMFSL R/L):
198 points + 1 X

Russ Harrel – (Guest; RF) Top Male Trad (Barebow):
239 points

LaNette Branson – (Guest; RF) Top Female Compound (AFFS):
248 points + 5 X’s

JD Basden– (Guest; RF) Top Male Compound (AMFS):
280 points + 16 X’s

28 3D targets: 280 total points and 28 X’s possible.
Turnout: 81 registered, 65 for unmarked competition,
49 scorecards turned in; 16 participants received “No Score”.
16 participants register to use a rangefinder in the Guest Class, 14 scorecards turned in, 2 participants received “No Score”.

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Tournament Scoring Notes:
For “rangefinder not allowed” tournaments, only the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place scorers not using rangefinders will be shown.

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SDA 900 Round Results – 19 May 2019

Congratulations to:
Ariana Martinez – Top Female Traditional Score (YAFBB)
 701 points

Ammar Morgan – Top Male Traditional Score (AMTRAD)
 662 points + 2 X’s

Alina Distelberg – Top Female Olympic Recurve Score (YFFSL R/L)
673 points + 2 X’s

Thomas Pham – Top Male Olympic Recurve Score (AMFSL R/L)
 810 points + 12 X’s
Clarissa Bond – Top Female Compound Score (AFFS)

  830 points + 10 X’s

David Petrun – Top Male Compound Score (AMFS) & High Score of the Day!!!
  887 points + 34 X’s
 90 arrows: 900 points total and 90 X’s possible.
Turnout: 25 participants/ 24 scores recorded. 1 scorecard name unreadable with score of 383.

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