Welcome San Diego Archers

Welcome San Diego Archers

SDA is a very active club, sponsoring two shoots a month and three major tournaments a year. A 28 target 3D Round on the first Sunday of the month and a Club Championship Qualifying Round (28 target Animal, Field or Hunter Round) on the third Sunday of each month.

Each June SDA hosts the “King Arthur’s Day Tournament”, a 40 target novelty shoot with a medieval theme.

Would you like to attend SDA tournaments for free?
SDA holds a work party at our ranges each month. Contact us to see whether there are work party positions available before the next tournament and attend your next SDA shoot for free!

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State 900 Round – 17 Sept 2017 – This weekend!

 CBH/SAA State Target Championship:
900 Round!
This Sunday, September 17, 2017
9 am, Morley Field Archery Range
The San Diego Archers will host the California Bowman/State Archery Association (CBH/SAA) State 900 Round at the Morley Field Archery Range on Sunday, September 17, 2017.

Registration form is available here:

To help speed up registration, please print the form, fill it out and
turn it in at the Registration Table on Sunday.
Please make checks payable to “CBH/SAA”.
Shoot Fees: Adults & Seniors-$25, Young Adult (age 15-17)-$15,
Youth (age 12-14)-$15, Cub (11 & under)-$12, Couples-$40, Family-$45

Registration opens at 7:30am
Registration closes at 8:45am
Shoot begins at 9am
 PLEASE NOTE:  The Morley Field Archery Range will be closed to the public during the State 900 Round. 

The CBH/SAA State 900 Round includes:
30 arrows

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FREE DONUTS – Volunteer Work Party-This Sunday, September 10, 2017

Range Preparation for the State 900 Round!
This Sunday, September 10th, 7am to 10am
Morley Field Archery Range


Now that I have your attention, there is a WORK PARTY this Sunday at Morley Field to prepare for the State 900 round.

The work party will run from 7A-10A, and yes: there will be donuts and coffee for volunteers.

Volunteers also get to shoot the next regular SDA shoot for free! (3D, Animal, Field, Hunter Round. Sorry, does not count for State 900)

Here is our list of projects for the day:

  1. Bale rotation/replacement and target maintenance
  2. Weed whack behind bales 
  3. Clear out/organize container 

Bring sturdy work gloves and water.

Thank you so much!
We really appreciate all of our wonderful volunteers!

– Allison

    Morley Field Archery RangeVolunteers get to shoot their next SDA tournament for free!      

The San Diego Archers truly

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Range Finder OK 3D Round! – 3 September 2017

3D Round with Range Finders Allowed!
The San Diego Archers
Will host the 3D Round
This Sunday, September 3, 2017
At the
Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range

Registration opens at 7:30am
Registration Closes at 8:45am
Shoot begins at 9am

The 3D Round includes:
28 3D Animal Targets
1 Arrows per Target
Maximum Score: 280
Rangefinders ARE allowed!!

A wide range of high-quality Rhinehart and Mackenzie targets are set in various hunting scenarios. Only one arrow per target is allowed unless mulligans have been purchased. A maximum of two mulligans and one or two doe tags may be purchased at registration for an additional $1 each.

3D Round Turkey

Scoring: 10-8-5
Maximum Score: 280

Mulligans and Doe Tags:

If you missed or scored low with the first arrow, a mulligan allows you to take another shot at a target. If you use a

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