About San Diego Archers | New Visitor Questions

New to San Diego, have questions about archery, ranges or need help?

The  San Diego Archers ranges are open to the public and membership with the San Diego Archers is not required to participate in tournaments. The San Diego Archers host four novelty tournaments each year. In addition, there are more than twenty regular competition tournaments throughout the year. Participants are only required to show up with their own gear, sign a waiver, and pay a small fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the San Diego Archers Club and what is its purpose? The San Diego Archers Club is an active archery club in San Diego, sponsoring shoots, tournaments, and events for archery enthusiasts in San Diego.
  • How frequently does the San Diego Archers Club host events? The club sponsors two shoots a month and four major tournaments a year. They also host other events such as the “King Arthur’s Day Tournament” each June, on Father’s Day.
  • Are there opportunities to attend San Diego Archers Club tournaments for free? Yes, the club holds a work party at their ranges each month. You can contact them to see if there are work party positions available before the next tournament, which would allow you to attend the shoot for free.
  • What are the upcoming events or tournaments organized by the club? Specific upcoming events would be listed on the club’s event calendar. One annual highlight is the King Arthur’s Day Tournament in June.
  • Past King Arthur TournamentsCould you provide more details about the King Arthur’s Day Tournament? What should participants bring or wear to this event? The King Arthur’s Day Tournament is a medieval-themed event and is one of the biggest festival events of the club. Participants are encouraged to wear King Arthur-themed costumes and there will be food, snacks, drinks, and an opportunity drawing for prizes. View pictures from a prior tournament.
  • Where can I find the results and scores of previous tournaments? The scores of previous tournaments are posted on the website under Tournaments & Shoot Results.
  • As a first-time visitor to the Rube Powell Balboa Park Archery Range, what should I know? The range is a walking course, similar to a golf course, so it’s important to always walk in the proper direction, counterclockwise along the path. There is also a map of the range available on the website for both desktop and mobile viewing.
  • White boardWhat is the process to register and pay for a San Diego Archers tournament online? There’s a link on the registration page of the website for the date you wish to attend. After registering, you should print a scorecard with a waiver, which you’ll need to score your round. Be sure to arrive on the tournament day by 8:00 am. Once you arrive, be sure to visit the target number reservation whiteboard, where you will write your name into the preferred starting target number box. If you have registered and paid online, and printed your scorecard and waiver for the tournament you do not need to visit the visitor’s table. Just be sure to drop your waiver into the black box at the visitor’s table before leaving the range.
  • Visitors TableIf I haven’t registered online, how can I register for a tournament on the day of the event? You should arrive by 8:00 am and go to the visitor’s table on the west side of the Alcazar Parking Lot. You’ll be asked to sign a paper waiver (you can bring your own signed waiver to save time), read the range safety rules, and pay the registration fee if not paid online. You’ll also be provided a scorecard at the visitor’s table. The fee for day-of-registration may be higher than the fee for preregistration.
  • SDA Pay PoleIs it possible to make a cash donation at the tournament? Yes, if cash is not accepted at the visitor’s table, you can donate at the red pay tube in the practice area. You can also donate online on the San Diego Archers Donation Options page.
  • Are there any specific rules or important points that shooters participating in a tournament should be aware of? Shooters should keep their group size to 5 or fewer persons. After shooting the last target, they should post their score online.
  • Do I need a reservation to shoot at your archery range? Both of our ranges are public archery ranges, open from sunup to sundown. No reservations are required. We only ask that you donate $2 per person online or at the pay poll when you arrive.
  • Bob ManganI recently took an archery lesson. I was wondering if your club has openings for membership, or if you offer lessons? We’re always accepting new members to the club. Apply online when ready. Bob Mangan often volunteers his time to help new archers at our Balboa Park range on Saturday and Sunday mornings, at around 9 am. Look for an older gentleman with a white beard when you enter the practice range. Likewise, many local businesses offer classes and coaching as well.

What’s the difference between a bow style and a bow class? In archery, “bow style” and “bow class” are terms that refer to different aspects of archery equipment and competition categories. Bow Style: This term primarily refers to the design and mechanical characteristics of the bow. Different bow styles include recurve, compound, longbow, and barebow. Bow Class: Refers to the grouping of archers based on the type of bow they use, often aligning with the bow styles mentioned above. For example, in a tournament, there is a separate class for recurve, compound, and barebow archers. Within these classes, there are further subdivisions based on age, gender, and skill level. View this PDF for more details: CBH SAA Bow Styles

I’m also looking for good advice on a beginner recurve bow and equipment? We suggest joining our Facebook group. Our members are the greatest!  Many will step up and give you advice if asked.

Do you rent equipment? No, we have no facilities for equipment rental. Read more…

Do I need to bring my own targets to the ranges? Most of our target bales have markings or paper targets affixed to them. Do feel free to bring your paper targets as well.

Is there a limit to how long one can use the range or shoot on a target lane? If no one is around, you may shoot on a target or target lane as long as you wish. Though on the Rube Powell Balboa Park “walking” archery range we ask that you stand aside when others approach as they walk through and shoot the course.

I’d like to volunteer or help the club where I can. Please let me know what I need to do to help out?
Thank you! You may volunteer online. Likewise, please speak to one of the staff members at the visitor’s table during our next tournament.

When is the latest time I should arrive at the next tournament? 8:15 am.
Any later and you may find it difficult to find parking.