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How Do I Register for a San Diego Archers Tournament?
Please read this page fully before registering.

The number of targets and arrows to shoot per target will vary depending on the shoot type. Your shoot time may be reserved from 7:30am to 11am. The tournament registration form will walk you through the registration, setup of your shoot time and online payment. Once you arrive at the range, visit the registration table, where you will be asked to complete a waiver, read the range safety rules, and pick up your scorecard. Don’t forget to post your score online after your shoot.

  • Tournament registration closes at midnight two days before the scheduled shoot date. This gives us a day to review and finalize the shoot times for you and your group.
    – If you have not registered prior to the registration closing time, you may still reserve your shoot time on the tournament shoot times worksheet and attend the shoot.

    – Late registration (day of the shoot) is an additional $10.00.
    Whether registering early or late, be sure to complete the tournament registration form to register and donate online.

  • Enter your group’s shoot time on the tournament shoot times worksheet, https://sandiegoarchers.com/scoring
    – Your group’s shoot time may be scheduled between 7:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.

    – Because times slots are limited, single shooters may be paired up with others before starting.

    – If you don’t have a group, see the tournament shoot times worksheet and enter your preferred time and we’ll attempt to assign you to a group the day before the shoot is scheduled.

    – Community.  Check the San Diego Archers Group on Facebook for others looking for a group to join.

Completing Your Registration at the Tournament

  • It’s important that you be at the registration table with your group at your shoot time.

  • Follow the Orange Cones.

    Orange cone #1Complete and sign a separate Waiver and Release of Liability form for all persons attending, including each child. Dogs do not require a liability waiver form at this time.
    * Please read the Safety Briefing Worksheet on the back of the waiver form.

    Orange cone #2

    Pick up and fill out a paper scorecard. See the samples provided at the table.
    Be sure to drop your waiver form into the single black box at the registration table.

  • Shooting groups will be limited to a maximum of 5 persons.

  • Group sizes between 4 to 5 must all be from the same household or full-time workmates.

  • Please maintain a distance of 6 feet between other individuals or other group members.

  • May I invite friends to join me but not participate in the tournament with me or my group?
    – No. Visitor participants are not allowed.

  • After shooting your last target be sure to post your score online, by 3pm day-of-shoot.
    – If you do not post your score online, you will not be given credit for shooting in the tournament.

    – If you are not sure how to post your score online please ask someone in your group to assist you.

May I Donate Cash When I Arrive at the Tournament?

COVID-19 – Am I Required to Wear a Mask?

  • I wear this to protect you.Yes. You are required to wear a mask during registration and while walking between targets were possible.

  • Masks will not be available at the registration table.

  • Please continue to maintain your distance from other archers throughout the tournament.

Administrative Notes for Shooters

  • Please pull your own arrows and do not share your equipment with others.

  • To prevent the bunching up of groups on the course, please allow faster-moving groups to shoot-through.

  • City restrooms near the range will be open.

  • While the club will provide sanitizer gel, we recommend bringing your own soap or sanitizer.

  • You may park in the Alcazar parking lot and please be mindful of physical distancing both in the parking lot and registration table.

Happy Shooting!