Register for Available Tournament Dates

July 2 (3D Round)
July 10 (Hunter-Red Stakes)
July 24 (Sir Gordon’s Traditional Shoot Recurve & Longbows)

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How Do I Register for a San Diego Archers Tournament?

The number of targets and arrows to shoot per target will vary depending depending on the type of tournament (3D, animal, hunter, field, 900, or novelty shoot).

Most San Diego Archers tournaments are shotgun starts (unless otherwise noted). All archers may choose their starting target at the registration table day-of-shoot and walk to their reserved target number prior to releasing arrows after 9 am.

Below are the ranges for each target. You may find this helpful in deciding which starting target to reserve when you arrive at the registration table on the day of the tournament. 3D tournaments are unmarked (with varying ranges).Animal, Field, Hunter Ranges
The tournament registration form will walk you through the registration and online payment. Once you arrive at the range, visit the registration table. You will be asked to sign a paper waiver (or bring your own signed waiver to save time) for each person shooting, read the range safety rules, reserve your starting target number, and pick up a blank scorecard.

  • After picking up your scorecard at the registration table, look for the target number reservation whiteboard and write your name into the preferred starting target number box. Target reservations are first come first serve. Shooting will commence after 9 am.

Completing Your Registration at the Tournament

  • Be sure to arrive before 8:30 am.

  • Follow the Orange Cones.

    Orange cone #1Complete and sign a separate Waiver and Release of Liability form for all persons entering the range, including each child shooting.

    * Please read the Safety Briefing Worksheet on the back of the waiver form.

    Orange cone #2

    Pick up and fill out a paper scorecard. See the samples provided at the table. Be sure to drop your waiver form into the black box at the registration table.

  • We recommend keeping your group size to 5 or fewer persons.

  • May I invite friends to join me but not participate in the tournament with me or my group?
    – Yes. Though please keep your number of visitors to a minimum and your group to 5 or fewer persons.

  • After shooting your last target, be sure to post your score online by 3pm day-of-shoot.
    – If you do not post your score online, you will not be given credit for shooting in the tournament.
    – If you are not sure how to post your score online please ask someone to assist you.

May I Donate Cash When I Arrive at the Tournament?

Notes for Shooters

Happy Shooting!