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Are you interested in joining one of our twice monthly archery tournaments?

All archers of all skill levels are welcome.

General Information:*

Reg­is­tra­tion: 7:30am – 8:45am

Shoot Starts: 9am

Reg­is­tra­tion Fees:

  • SDA Mem­bers & Active Duty Mil­i­tary: $10
  • Non-Mem­bers: $15
  • 14 year old & under: FREE!

* Nov­el­ty shoot reg­is­tra­tion fees and start times may vary.

The San Diego Archers host two tournaments each month, on the 1st & 3rd weekends (with one bonus shoot each year).

Tournaments are on Sundays, except when there is another large event in Balboa Park which blocks access to the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range.

These events include: Rock & Roll Marathon, AFC Half Marathon, Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk and six more events. SDA shoots are moved to Saturdays during those weekends. Always check the website for the latest shoot information before the shoot date.

Each year, we host 10 NFAA-sanc­tioned 3D Rounds (on the 1st week­end of the month) and three each of NFAA-sanc­tioned Ani­mal, Hunter and Field Rounds (on the 3rd week­end). In addi­tion, we host four nov­el­ty shoots: Fly­ing Pig 3D, Iron Turkey Chal­lenge, King Arthur Tour­na­ment and Sir Gor­don Tra­di­tion­al Shoot. All the above shoots are at the Bal­boa Park Rube Pow­ell Archery Range. At our Mor­ley Field Archery Range, we host a San Diego Archers 900 Round in May and a CBH-SAA State 900 Round in Sep­tem­ber.

All our shoots are open to the pub­lic, you do not have to be a SDA mem­ber to par­tic­i­pate, you only need your own archery equip­ment. Reg­is­tra­tion fees are $10 for SDA Mem­bers & Active Duty Mil­i­tary, $15 for Non-Mem­bers. Kids, 14 and under, shoot for FREE! Nov­el­ty shoots may have slight­ly high­er reg­is­tra­tion fees.

Here’s a rough outline of a typical shoot:

The lit­tle park­ing lot clos­est to the Bal­boa Park Rube Pow­ell Archery Range (Alcazar Park­ing Lot), can fill up by 8–8:15am if we have a large turnout. The Organ Pavil­ion Park­ing lot is next clos­est, anoth­er 5–10 min­utes away. If you have nev­er been to the Bal­boa Park Rube Pow­ell Archery Range, you might want to scout it out before the day of the shoot. We have good direc­tions on our web­site.

When you step up to the reg­is­tra­tion table, the cashier will pre­pare your score­card (your name, bow style, and date), then take your reg­is­tra­tion fee. If it is your first SDA shoot, you must sign a waiv­er. Waivers must be signed for every­one step­ping onto the archery range dur­ing a tour­na­ment, includ­ing all guests. All archers will sign just two waivers each year: at your first shoot of the year and at our Annu­al King Arthur Tour­na­ment. You don’t need to sign a waiv­er at each shoot.

After your card is pre­pared, it will be checked in on our com­put­er. Once your card has been checked in on the com­put­er, you may pick it up at the reg­is­tra­tion table (be sure to pick up a pen­cil, too).

Behind the reg­is­tra­tion table is a white board with num­bered squares on it. Every­one writes their name on a square, which will be your start­ing tar­get num­ber. We shoot in groups of 4–8. For first-time par­tic­i­pants, before writ­ing your name on a square, we sug­gest you warm up in the prac­tice area with oth­ers while wait­ing for the shoot to begin. While warm­ing up, you’ll end up chat­ting with oth­ers on the shoot­ing line (or talk to peo­ple in the reg­is­tra­tion line, too). You may ask any­one if they have room in their group for one more, or men­tion that this is your first shoot and they may invite you to join them. If the reg­is­tra­tion team is not too busy, they may be able to intro­duce you to a group to shoot with.

For our reg­u­lar shoots, reg­is­tra­tion opens at 7:30am, clos­es at 8:45am. At 9am, the SDA Pres­i­dent will give a short safe­ty speech and describe scor­ing for the shoot. Fol­low­ing this, every­one walks to their start­ing tar­get. When the Bal­boa Park Bell Tow­er chimes 9:15am, every­one begins to shoot.

In some groups, one per­son will keep score, the oth­ers pull arrows. In oth­er groups, every­one scores them­selves and pulls their own arrows. It just depends on the group. At every event, the San Diego Archers wel­comes both begin­ners and com­pet­i­tive archers. Com­pound & tra­di­tion­al archers, begin­ners & com­pet­i­tive archers all get along very well and have great respect for one anoth­er.

Our 3D shoots have become very pop­u­lar in the last cou­ple of years, where we’ve seen over 140 archers reg­is­ter. In the Fall, dur­ing hunt­ing sea­son, the turnouts may be low­er. The turnouts for our paper shoots on the 3rd week­end of each month are typ­i­cal­ly 40–60 archers. 3D shoots last any­where from 2 to 5 hours, depend­ing on the turnout and whether there are any REALLY slow groups. Paper shoots will be longer, because they may have up to four arrows per tar­get over 28 tar­gets ver­sus one arrow per tar­get at 3D Rounds.

After the shoot, add up your score and turn in your score­card at the reg­is­tra­tion table or to whomev­er is enter­ing the scores into the com­put­er. You are not required to turn in your score­card, if you don’t want to.  Once all the scores have been entered into the com­put­er, we rank them, then hand out award pins for the top three places in each bow class short­ly after the last score­card is turned in.

We hope you find this infor­ma­tion help­ful and will come join us at one of our shoots in the near future!

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