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Established in 1938, the San Diego Archers club has a long history of memorabilia made by and forclub members.

Our online museum includes a collection of images provided by club members and historians.

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National City Turtle Archers

SDA ? National City Turtle Archers



San Diego Field Archers patch

SDA ? San Diego Field Archers patch


Riser Weight

Sucio Catahoula‎ 2019 Riser Weight

Year 2000+ Pins

SDA 2000 Year 2000+ Pins

Original Logo Sketch

Gordon Vail 1994 Original Logo Sketch

National City Turtle Archers

1990 National City Turtle Archers

Iron Man Archery Marathon

SDA 1985 Iron Man Archery Marathon




1976 World Professional Archery Championship

1976 World Professional Archery Championship
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