2015 Tuesday Evening League.

6pm, Morley Field Archery Range

The last round of the Tuesday Evening League is next week!!!

A Knock Out-Final Elimination Round will be set up, with 4-5 fun, challenging targets (including two 3D targets!). Longbow & recurve bows will have a handicap (they shoot half the distance of compound bows). 

Can you guess which one is the compound target and which is the trad target?? The nice grouping above the right target is courtesy of yours truly. Looks like I used my 30-yard pin, instead of 20. 😉


Every Tuesday evening from April through September!

If you want to improve your archery skills, this is the place to do it! The Tuesday Evening League is competitive, yet, still friendly, fun and a good value for the money….. What more could you want?

Only $5 per shoot (or save and pay $30 per leg up front.)

Our handicap scoring system levels the playing field and allows all contenders to battle for the league championship title.

Printer Friendly 2015 Tuesday League Schedule

Hope to see you there!