Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range Work Party

Saturday, Sep 7th, 7:00 a.m. – noon+


Sunday, Sep 8th, 7:00 a.m. – noon+

Hello Fellow Archers!!!

If you haven’t checked out the new Morley Field layout, grab your bow, stop by and give the new carpet bales a try!!  Thank you so much to the volunteers who took down old targets and set up the new field in ONE DAY! WOW!

Next is the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range!  This will be more challenging, since targets have to be moved throughout the entire walking course and practice area.  Again, most of our Exclesior (shredded Aspen wood fiber) bales will be replaced with ArroLast Carpet Bales!  This is an enormous project and a great opportunity for new volunteers to lend a hand.  The two work parties this weekend will be held at the Rube Powell Archery Range, starting on Saturday at 7am and Sunday, 7am.

PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE THE RENOVATIONS ARE UNDERWAY!!  We are all volunteers, doing all of this renovation on donated time. Besides this weekend, if a group of two or more enthusiastic volunteers happen to be at the range at the same time, they may close part of the Balboa Range on very short notice to get some work done. Please support anyone working on either archery range…the renovations will be worth it!

The San Diego Archers would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to SDA Member Kim Wood and LA MESA LUMBER. Kim arranged to receive our 50 new carpet bales at La Mesa Lumber. He will bring them from La Mesa Lumber to the Balboa Range, a few at a time, for installation

Thank you also to Mark Omel (and Mark’s better half, Tomi) for getting the (work) parties started.  Thank you to JD and Devorah Basden, Thomas Pham, Valerie Shoemaker, Dennis Stephens, Duane Norman, Patty Koutz, Pietro and Terry Limone, Bill Morgan, James Jackson, Clarissa Bond, Kurt Bourehenne, Russ Harell, Scott Penner, Kevin and Rachel Taylor, Steve Tahmahkera and so many other volunteers. We could not do this without you!


_____________WORK PARTY DETAILS____________

Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range Work Party

Saturday, September 7, 7am-noon (or later) AND Sunday, September 8, 7am-noon (or later)

To Do: Set up the first of many ArroLast Carpet Bales.

***NOTE: The CA State 900 Round is in 2 weeks on Sunday, Sept 15th at Morley! See details below.***

Please bring your own gloves and safety glasses, if you have them. Long sleeves are recommended when moving the Excelsior bales!


Water will be provided.

Just show up, if you decide to join us at the last minute. Even one hour of your time is helpful.

Thank you, Everyone, for your time. Our two fantastic archery ranges would not be in Balboa Park without the support of our loyal volunteers.

Kind Regards,

San Diego Archers