THANK YOU, thank you, Thank You,


Archery would not exist in Balboa Park without the hard work of volunteers who love archery.  If you love the sport of archery and enjoy shooting at the Balboa or Morley Ranges, please come join us at a future work party to help maintain these incredible archery ranges. Non-members are welcome, too! 

March BONUS Work Party Wrap Up

A HUGE THANK YOU to the volunteers who worked so hard at the BONUS Work Party on Saturday, Mar 28: Chad, Carlos, Doug, Dorian, Pat, Fred, Allison, Melissa, Larry, Dana and Patty.  Dead branches, trees and brush were dragged into piles, Target 20 (under the bridge and other shooting lanes were cleared, and many loads of old logs were hauled to the dump. Carlos will be bringing in a chipper soon and pulverizing the piles of dead debris, which will be spread throughout the range for mulch. We still have a long list to do before the King Arthur Tournament on June 21st, but we are making great progress! The Balboa Range hasn’t looked this good in YEARS! Thank you, everyone! 

King Arthur Tournament Preparation

We are gearing up for our annual KING ARTHUR TOURNAMENT on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st. We have lots of work to do following the restoration work on the Cabrillo Bridge. Over the next couple of months, we will be working on the following items.  If you have any pet projects you would like to help with, please send an email to:



Clear all shooting lanes, including King Arthur 40 targets.

Rebuild stairs & hand rails, where needed.

Set yardage markers for all targets.

     (Dave Z. may have finished 1-28, check KA 29-40).

Rebuild Target 22 footbridge and Target 23 shooting platform, as needed.

Replace backstops on all targets, as needed.

Re-install locks on Targets 1-14.

Re-establish Target 20 (under Cabrillo Bridge).

     Cut up fallen tree.

     Set up/repair target base/butt.  


     New “Range Fee, $2” on gate.

     New “Range Closed, Tournament in Progress”.

     New bilingual signs around perimeter fence.

Trim palms, remove fallen fronds.

     Remove old bale material (tree trimmer).

Make bales for Balboa & Morley when volunteers are available.

Anything else??

 Next Scheduled Work Party:  Sunday, April 12, 2015