2020 King Arthur Tournament Status

Are you wondering about the 2020 King Arthur Tournament?  We are, too.

Unfortunately, KAT is not feasible for June 2020.  With the COVID-19 pandemic and continued restrictions on group gatherings, options include postponing KAT or possibly cancelling it for 2020.

Tell us what you think.  Postpone or cancel?  If we postpone, when should KAT take place?

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COVID-19 PROTOCOLS at San Diego Archery Ranges

Physical Distancing Rules must be followed for all ranges or areas will be closed!

•If you are not feeling well, have a fever, cough, or are otherwise unwell, DO NOT use the archery range.


•Allowed use is LIMITED to SINGLE USER or with members of your own household.

•No more than three archers will shoot on a walking range target.

•No equipment sharing, Pull your OWN arrows. Do not share bows.

•Face masks are strongly urged. You should have a mask on your person and ready for use.

•A maximum of five arrows per shooter is allowed for up to 30 minutes per target.

•Follow all guidelines & recommendations from the CDC, State, and County Public Health Departments.


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Rube Powell Balboa Park Archery Range and the Morley Field Archery ranges will be open to the public beginning this Friday, June 12th

Ranges ReopeningBoth the Rube Powell Balboa Park Archery Range and the Morley Field Archery ranges will be open to the public beginning Friday, June 12th.

The San Diego Parks and Recreation Department have agreed to allow the opening of both ranges as long as we follow the currently accepted COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines.

Please help us in following these three rules on the ranges at all times:
  1. Maintain a minimum social distance of at least 6 feet between others sharing the range.
  2. Wear a mask or face covering where minimum social distancing requirements cannot be maintained.
  3. And please limit the sharing of personal items, such as bows, arrow pullers, or other personal items while on the range. 

Additional guidelines will be posted at both ranges soon. Happy shooting!

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