**Field Round**

Next Sunday 

The San Diego Archers

Will host the LAST Field Round for 2014

On Sunday, December 21, 2014

At the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range 

Registration opens at 7:30am

Registration closes at 8:45am

Shoot begins at 9am 

The Field Round includes:

28 2D Paper Field Targets

4 Arrows per Target

Maximum Score: 560 

The Field Round is a field archery tournament of 28 2D paper targets, firing 4 arrows per target for a total of 112 arrows. There are 3 scoring zones on each target. Each arrow scores either 3 points for the black outer ring, 4 for the white middle ring or 5 for the black bulls eye. There is a center ‘X’ ring to the inner 5 point zone.

A total of 20 points is possible per target, a perfect round is 560. 

Field rounds are at ‘even’ (5 yd) distances up to 80 yards, with the shortest distances measured in feet.

Targets may have different shooting positions: 

     1)  All four arrows shot from one marked stake

     2) “Fan”:  Each arrow shot from a different marked stake, spread in a fan pattern,

                      each stake at same distance to the target.

     3) “Walk Up”:  Each arrow shot from a different marked stake at decreasing distances to the target.

                     (e.g., one arrow each at 45, 40, 35, 30 yards; or two arrows each at 45 and 40 yards.) 

For Youths, under 15, the longest distance is 50 yards. 

For Cubs, under 12, the longest distance is 30 yards.

Entry fee $15 per person, $10 for members

Please arrive at the Balboa Park Archery Range with plenty of time to register.

To ensure we start on time, it will be necessary to close registration at 8:45am.

Shooting starts at 9:00am.

Please send any questions or comments to: SanDiegoArchers@yahoo.com