From The Evening Tribune, the Woman’s Page, San Diego, February 12, 1923

Miss Charlotte Burrage, daughter of Rear Admiral and Mrs. Guy H. Burrage of Coronado, and a pupil of the Beach School at Hotel del Coronado, practicing with her bow and arrow on the wet lawn of the hostelry. Miss Burrage receiving instructions in archery from Joseph Jessop of Coronado, well known authority and expert archer in this picture sport, and a member of the American Geographical society, the International Archaeological society and the National Archery association of the United States.

ARCHERY RULES for shooting, as worked out by Mr. Jessop:

Keep body upright and rigid. Stand with heels six inches apart.

Pull with arms. Keep arrow full length. Go slow.

Keep hand to chin until arrow is away. Steady a second before releasing arrow.

Hold head up, shoulders down.

Left arm full length. Hold center of bow handle to ball of palm of hand.

Place finger tips only on string in pull.

Draw arrow down on mark in similar manner that a gunfighter draws down with revolver.

Arrow at apex of pull should tense every muscle of the body.