‘Dispossessed’ Archery Club Finds New Site, 1957

Temporarily  stymied  by  en- 
forcement  of  an  old  city  ordi- 
nance  which  forbids  “dischai-ging 
arrows  within  the  city  limits,” 
Convair  SD’s  Archery  Club  has 
obtained  a  new  location  —  from 
which  it’s  certain  not  to  be  evict- 
ed — and  will  hold  the  July  shoot 
this  Sunday  (July  14). 

The  ancient  ordinance,  invoked 
by  the  City  of  San  Diego  in  con¬ 
nection  with  a  realignment  of 
Balboa  Park  areas  and  activities, 
forced  the  closing  of  Gold  Gulch 
archery  range,  as  well  as  the  tar- 
get  range  at  Sixth  and  Laurel 
Sts.,  and  the  club  canceled  its 
June  shoot. 

Thanks  to  arrangements  made 
with  J.  R.  “Dick”  Mitchell,  em¬ 
ployée  services  chief  for  Convair 
Astronautics,  the  shoot  this 
weekend  will  be  held  on  Kearny 
Mesa,  east  of  the  Astronautics 
plant.  The  range  is  south  of  the 
Convair  access  road  leading  off 
U.  S.  395  to  the  plant. 

A  work  party  is  scheduled  to 
préparé  the  site  this  Saturday 
(July  13),  said  Al  Phipps,  Dept. 
401,  target  captain,  and  A.  D. 
Stone,  Dept.  709,  club  president. 

Adult  registration  for  Sunday’s 
shoot  will  be  at  9:30  a.m.,  with 
shooting  to  start  at  10.  Children 
will  register  at  12:30  p.m.,  start 
at  1.  The  meet  will  be  a  target 
single  American  type,  scoring  to 
be  announced  at  start. 

The  archery  event  is  open  to 
ail  Convair  employées  and  their 
families,  said  Stone.  The  club 
hopes  to  develop  a  field  range 
near  the  same  location,  which 
will  be  in  a  portion  of  the  area 
set  aside  for  CRA  activities  near 
the  Astronautics  plant. 

Other  information  on  club 
activities  may  be  obtained  from 
Gil  Crosthwaite,  CRA  commis¬ 
sioner,  at  ext.  1245,  Plant  1.

Citation: Full text of “Convairiety San Diego Edition 1957“, page 95, regarding Convair SD Archers