Roy Dill, Former Champ Bowman, Returns to National Competition

Roy Dill, Convair San Diego bow-and-arrow artist who was national champion archer in 1948, was in Watkins Glen, N. Y., last week in an effort to regain the U. S. title after more than three years absence from competition.
Dill won the national championship in 1948, only two years after leaving the Army, and held the California state championship four years, 1947, ’48, ’50, and ’53. The following year he retired from competition when he married and started raising a family.
“Lately my wife has been insisting I return to competition,” Dill said before he left, “and naturally I didn’t try too hard to hold out against it.”
The former national champion had “kept his eye” even in retirement by hunting in the Lagunas and around San Diego with bow and arrow. He has bagged numerous deer on expeditions to the Lagunas. He also shot with and conducted clinics for the CRA Archery Club at SD, and was president one term.
Deciding to return to target shooting, Dill entered and won the annual Silver Arrow Shoot at Reno, Nev., bringing home a handsome silver trophy valued at $150.
Dill joined Convair San Diego in 1947 and worked in the factory as an assembler for several years. During this time he took numerous leaves of absence to make national archery exhibition tours, covering 36 of the 48 states. In 1950 he left Convair briefly, returned to the factory as assembler, and became a supervisor a few months later.
For a time he was attached to training section in the training of new hires. March 8 of this year Dill moved into long range planning as Model 880 change representative, the post he presently holds.

Citation: Full text of “Convairiety San Diego Edition 1957“, page 119, regarding Convair SD Archers