“Rube” Powell Still King; Cops Nat’l Archery Title

Reuben “Rube” Powell demonstrated to the nation’s top archers he still was the 1953 National Field Archery Freestyle tournament at Colorado Springs.

“Rube” posted an aggregate of 2748 points to beat the toughest rival and the 1952 NFA champ, Joe Fries of Los Angeles, by one point after four days of rugged bow-and-arrow contest.

A bad seventh round topped Powell in the tournament.

For Powell, the win was his fourth straight national championship victory. The Chula Vista instructor has carried off the title 10 times from 1946 through this year.

Powell grabbed the lead in the tough double American round shot Monday, with an 897. Fries was next at 896 and Ray Ragsdale came in third.

In 1950, Earl Rasmussen of Utah set, was third with 846, and Bud Fowler, Missouri, fourth, 835.

“Rube” set a recognized world all-time mark in the field round in 1952 with a perfect 560.

The Chula Vista archer kept busy with high scores of 523, 532, and 542 on the field, hunter, and animal targets, respectively.

Notes by Jim Baker:
Star-News National City and Chula Vista, 9 July 1956