Range situated on green E. of 6th Ave., bet. Kalmia and Laurel Sts.; auspices San Diego Archery Club; tournaments Sun., 9 a.m.-1 p.m.; life membership fee $5; target fees: members 10c, non-members 25c. Participants must furnish own equipment. Visitors welcome. The San Diego Archery Club, affiliated with the National and the Western Associations, was organized on February 11, 1924, with six members. The late Joseph Jessop, donor of the famed archery exhibit in the San Diego Museum, was its first president. In September 1924, the club was granted permission to use the present Park range. The active life membership is approximately one hundred and fifty. Both men and women are eligible.

Archers practice almost daily and contests, with twenty to thirty members present, are held each Sunday morning throughout the year. Use of the standard “long bow” is the rule—six-foot bows for men, and five-foot, six-inch bows for women. Standard four-foot targets are used at distances ranging from 30 to 100 yards. Weekly events usually conform to the “American round,” consisting of thirty shots each at distances of 60, 50, and 40 yards. Most club members make their own bows and arrows, thus adding to interest in this sport.

Spectators and visiting archers are invited to attend Sunday morning contests. The fee charged participants covers costs of targets and target butts.

Citation: A Guide to Balboa Park, San Diego, California, American Guide Series, 1941, page 54

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