Thank you to everyone who participated in the San Diego Archers’ Honor Our Military 3D Shoot on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2017. We had a great turnout: 57 archers registered, 54 scorecards turned in. We welcomed many first-time participants, both military & civilian, saw many long-time friends who have been away for a while join us again. A grand time was had by all (this was the most fun I’ve had at a shoot in years!).

A special thank you to all the active & retired military who joined us. It was an honor to shoot with you. We are so glad you joined us and hope to see you at many more shoots in the future!

Thank you to the many volunteers who showed up bright & early (in the dark!) to set up the targets (some very clever shots, too!) and to the many volunteers who stepped up and helped take down the targets afterwards. We could not run these tournaments without the support of our great volunteers.

Next year’s November 3D will be a double treat! We are moving the Iron Turkey 3D Challenge from the first weekend in March to the first weekend in November 2018 (with coupons for turkeys for first place winners). This 3D will still be an Honor Our Military event, so all active and retired military are invited to shoot for FREE!

Now for the scores!!

Congratulations to:

TIE!!! Clarissa Bond & Melanie Lucia- Top Female Compound Scores (AFBHFS):
244 points + 5 X’s*
*NOTE: Tie scores are usually broken by the X-count. Clarissa & Melanie tied both score & X’s! Well done, Ladies!
Mark Omel – Top Male Compound Score (AMFS) & Top Score of the Shoot!
278 points + 15 X’s
Patty Koutz – Top Female Traditional Score (AFTRAD):
75 points + 2 X’s
Jim Walker – Top Male Traditional Score (AMBB):
170 points + 1 X
Allison Miller- Top Female Olympic Recurve Score (AFFSL R/L):
171 points + 1 X
Peter Limone – Top Male Olympic Recurve Score (AMFSL R/L):
168 points + 1 X
28 3D animal targets: 280 total points and 28 X’s possible.
Turnout: 57 archers registered, 54 scorecards turned in.

CMSRCRice, Andrew2361
CFNFCAndersen, Ayden641
YFBHFSKessel, Stella17411
MSMBHFSAhrensberg, Dan20931
SSFBHFSElliott, Deborah22231
SSMBHFSRiess, Bob22761
SSMBHFSStewart, Gregg21062
SSMFSRichardson, Rod251101
SMTRADSanta Maria, Fred15411
SMTRADArango, Stan612
SMBHFSHowell, Mike248101
SMBBHartman, Phil20711
SMBBConner, Jason12222
SFFSWest, Dottie24241
SMFSWest, Cary26471
SMFSLyford, Larry263122
SMFSPenner, Scott26043
SMFSAhrensberg, Jaime2587
SMFSGarvey, Mike2478
SMFSBacling, Louis2263
AFTRADKoutz, Patty7521Top Female Trad
AFTRADMathews, Sage432
AMTRADMiller, Steve12621
AMTRADHernandez, Ezequiel742
AFFSL R/LMiller, Allison17111Top Female Trad (Olympic)
AFFSL R/LLimone, Terry15102
AMFSL R/LLimone, Peter16811Top Male Trad (Olympic)
AMBHFSHolmberg, David25991
AMBHFSPole, Kenneth25982
AMBHFSKessel, Paul (7/5/16)25643
AMBHFSSamson, Douglas2539
AMBHFSRice, Jon (6/26/16)2531
AMBHFSWood, Kim2518
AMBHFSHopper, Ken2475
AMBHFSToledo, Joshua2424
AMBHFSGoldring, Edmund2375
AMBHFSRayl, David2323
AMBHFSBourhenne, Derrick2311
AMBHFSChin, Brandon2295
AMBHFSGrossman, Mike Sr.2236
AMBHFSShafer, Kyle2156
AMBHFSEvans, Nicholas (Beau)1962
AMBBWalker, Jim17011Top Male Trad
AFFSBond, Clarissa24451Top Female Compound
AFFSLucia, Melanie24451Top Female Compound
AMFSOmel, Mark278151Top Male Compound
AMFSCopp, Steve26362
AMFSBowman, Travis25283
AMFSTinsley, Todd2414
AMFSGipp, Chris2338
AMFSAndersen, Anthony2263
AMFSJackson, Gabe2262
AMFSHicks, Robert1281
AMFSDiaz, Fausto36