Countdown to King Arthur!

Volunteer Work Party

This Saturday, June 14th, 8am

Balboa Park Archery Range

This will be our final day of preparation of our tournament grounds.

Opposing archers will be descending upon

The Balboa Park Rube Powel Archery Range

On Sunday, the 15th day of June

For the 47th Annual King Arthur Tournament


Please come join us this Saturday, June 14, starting at 8am

At the Balboa Park Archery Range.

Volunteers can help:

Make new bales and replace worn out target bales.

Clear and stack palm fronds and branches for pick up.

Rack and clean shooting lanes.


Please Note:


Volunteers helping with Saturday preparation,

Sunday set up, registration and take down.

A few more volunteers are needed.


If you would like to help out on the big day,

Please contact the San Diego Archers at: