2014 King Arthur Tournament 

THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered and participated in this year’s King Arthur Tournament on Father’s Day, June 15th.  It was another successful event, with over 200 archers battling for the top score.  In the end, there were tie scores for both 1st and 2nd place.  

Out of 924 total points, shooting AMFS, Buddy Lucas & Ken Wagner each scored 910 points for 1st place. Scott Jones & Jason Null tied for 2nd place with 909 points each. Sylvester Cooper came in 3rd with 905.  HOWEVER, Don Snipes, shooting SMFS, scored 908!  Impressive shooting all around, dropping only 14-16 points across 40 targets and 80 arrows.  The two steel target butts looked like porcupines by the end of the day with all the shattered arrows.  Bow shop owners and arrow makers are grinning widely at this news. 

Other very notable scores from the under 18 contenders:  High score in the Cub Class goes to Kristin Alvarez (CFSRC), who scored 815. In the Youth Class, Thomas Hayes (YMBHFS) scored 822. And in the Young Adult Class, Humberto Arellano (YAMFSL R/L) scored an impressive 842!  

From the slightly over 18 contenders: The highest Master Senior score goes to Salvador Morya (MSMFS) with 819.  Big Rob must have slept in this year, the highest Trad score came from Jim Valazquez (SMTRAD) with 627.  Great shooting, everyone! 

The San Diego Archers would also like to thank our Sponsors and everyone who contributed donations for the tournament.  Your support every year is greatly appreciated! 

Next year, the 2015 King Arthur Tournament will coincide with the Centennial Celebration of Balboa Park.  We are looking forward to an even bigger and better event then!  

See you next year!