Attention All Ye Archers of San Diego

Please join us for our King Arthur Paint Party:

Sunday, May 24, 8am-noon

Balboa Park Archery Range

The King Arthur Tournament is coming up on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21. There is still work to be done to prepare our tournament grounds and targets for the visiting opponents!  Our legendary King Arthur Targets must be guilded, a.k.a. hand-painted, by any and all talented (and some not-so-talented) volunteers.  If you have any special talents that might be helpful in our preparations, please let us know.  

Even if you just have an hour or so to spare, please come join us Sunday morning at the picnic tables just outside the gate to the archery range.  Most of the work should be done by noon or so.

This weekend is also the Ethnic Food Fair at the International Cottages near the Balboa Range. Come help out at the range for a while, then wander over and eat your way around the world! They will have food from 33 different cultures and performances in native costumes. (Saturday: noon-6pm, Sunday: noon-5pm)

NOTE ON PARKING: Parking in the Park will be nearly impossible after 9-10am, both Saturday and Sunday. A good alternative is to park on Balboa Drive, on the WEST side of I-163, and walk over the bridge. If you park in the Alcazar Parking Lot before 9am, it may take you 20-30 minutes or more to get out of the parking lot in the afternoon because of the crowds at the Ethnic Food Fair!! (Then another 20-30 minutes to get to Park Blvd!)