It is time for the
Annual Flying Pig 3D Tournament & Fundraiser!!

Pigs Might Fly

This Event will be a Fundrais­er for
Preser­va­tion of The Jes­sop Ancient Weapons & Archery Col­lec­tion
at The Muse­um of Man
(in the build­ing right behind Tar­get #1!!)

This Col­lec­tion is the ear­li­est con­nec­tion to archery in Bal­boa Park, as far back as ~1917, and may be the rea­son archery exists in Bal­boa Park today. The Muse­um has recent­ly start­ed preser­va­tion efforts of the Col­lec­tion, which the San Diego Archers would like to sup­port, both finan­cial­ly and with vol­un­teers from the club.


Bring extra $$$ for mulligans at the Flying Pig and for tickets to win exciting prizes!

Prizes include:

Tick­ets for Muse­um of Man Bell Tow­er Tours
Gift Bas­ket from Bal­boa Park Con­ser­van­cy
Free One Year San Diego Archers Mem­ber­ship
Plus more fun gift cer­tifi­cates and T-shirts
(Dona­tions still being accept­ed, if you would like to con­tribute!)


Please see the article below for more information about the incredible Jessop Collection.

The San Diego Archers
Will host this fun, nov­el­ty event

This Sun­day, Feb­ru­ary 5, 2017
At the Bal­boa Park Rube Pow­ell Archery Range 

Reg­is­tra­tion opens at 7:00 am
Reg­is­tra­tion clos­es at 8:45 am
Shoot begins at 9 am

Flying Pig Cartoon


~Range Find­ers Allowed~

If you know any­thing about the local flo­ra and fau­na of the Bal­boa Park area of San Diego, you will be aware of not only the exis­tence but also the migra­to­ry pat­terns of the Pink Less­er Spot­ted Rhine­hart Fly­ing Pig. 

For those of you who are less famil­iar with this leg­endary exo­dus, all indi­ca­tions point to the migra­tion begin­ning on Sun­day, Feb­ru­ary 5th, 2017, start­ing at 9:15am and last­ing until around noon. Dur­ing this time we antic­i­pate that each per­son will get at least one chance to shoot at this unusu­al crea­ture dur­ing its majes­tic flight across the Bal­boa Park skies (plus 27 oth­er tar­gets)!

So, get out your bows and start prac­tic­ing! Reg­is­tra­tion for this range find­er-approved nov­el­ty 3D event starts at 7:00 am.

This is a 1 arrow, nov­el­ty 3D shoot. You’ll find the Pink Less­er Spot­ted Rhine­hart Fly­ing Pig and a wide range of oth­er high-qual­i­ty Rhine­hart and Macken­zie tar­gets set at unmarked yardages in var­i­ous hunt­ing sce­nar­ios.


  • Scor­ing: 10–8-5
  • Max­i­mum Score: 280

Mul­li­gans & Doe Tags ($1 each):

If you missed or scored low with the first arrow, a mul­li­gan allows you to take anoth­er shot at a tar­get.  If you use a mul­li­gan, your score is deter­mined by that sec­ond arrow, even if you score worse than the first arrow.  You may use a sec­ond mul­li­gan on the same tar­get.  Your score is deter­mined by the last arrow shot.  

There will be 1 or 2 buck-doe spreads in the field, where the doe is placed between the buck and the archer.  If you hit the doe and do not have a doe tag, you score -5 on the tar­get. If you have a doe tag, you score zero.  You can­not use a mul­li­gan if you hit the doe, whether or not you have a doe tag.  If you hit the buck or miss com­plete­ly, you may use a mul­li­gan and your score is deter­mined from that sec­ond arrow.


Additional mulligans may be purchased for the Flying Pig!

  • For 15 years and old­er, the longest dis­tance is 50 yards.
  • For Youths (12–14 yo), the longest dis­tance is 40 yards.
  • For Cubs (11 yo & under), the longest dis­tance is 25 yards.

Entry Fee

  • $10 for SDA mem­bers & Active Duty Mil­i­tary
  • $15 for non-mem­bers.

Note: As with all 3D shoots — We will shoot come Rain or Shine.

  • Please arrive at the Bal­boa Park Archery Range with plen­ty of time to reg­is­ter. 
  • Please send any ques­tions or com­ment to:

Previous Recipients of the San Diego Archers Fundraising Efforts

The San Diego Archers would like to thank the fol­low­ing peo­ple for their gen­er­ous dona­tions to the Fly­ing Pig Tour­na­ment:

Mic­ah Parzen, CEO, San Diego Muse­um of Man and

Tomás Her­rera-Mish­ler, Pres­i­dent & CEO, Bal­boa Park Con­ser­van­cy

Read more about The Jessop Weapons Collection


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