Great turnout for our annual King Arthur Tournament!
All of the creative medieval costumes and fire breathing dragon added to the renaissance theme this year.

Thanks again to all of our GENEROUS sponsors for their donations.

Our volunteers are simply the best; especially Terry Limone for coordinating the entire day and Travis Bowman for managing the early morning KAT range setup this year!

Highlights – Highest Compound Shooter Style Scores of the day:

A M FS Ortiz Bernie 915 67
A F FSLR Bush Tana 601 14
A M BHFS Holmberg Dave 862 54
S M BH Penner Scott 806
C F BH Dunn Kennedi 529

Highlights – Highest Traditional Shooter Style Scores of the day:

A M TRAD De Guzman Josh 622
A M BB Santos Mark 534
A F TRAD Sokolova Alice 502 6

* 40 targets: 924 total points possible.

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Final Tournament Scores are In!
View the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Shooters Scores Below:

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* Scoring Error Notes: None

* Late Score Postings – not previously included in the day-of tournament scores: None

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