Morley Field Upgrade

Volunteers Needed! 

Morley Field will be closed for three weeks starting in late September to make necessary safety upgrades.  These upgrades include the addition of MANY more target butts, which means MANY more bales need to be made.  Additional volunteers are needed to assist the regular bale makers and range maintenance volunteers.  With your help, the upgrades can be finished as quickly as possible…opening up the new Morley Field to the public as soon as possible!  The dates for the work parties are being scheduled in the evenings during the week and early morning hours on the weekends. If you are able to help with making the bales or setting up new target butts, please send your contact information (name & phone) to:

Please include whether you are available during the week or weekends.  A Volunteer Captain will contact you to coordinate the details.

***You do not need to be a member to volunteer!!***

Thank you,

San Diego Archers