Car Break Ins at Morley Field Parking Lot


Vandals have been scouting the Morley Field Parking Lot. On Friday, 2/19/16 at ~10:30am, archers at the Morley Field Archery Range heard two loud noises. When they realized it was the sound of a car window breaking, many archers headed towards the parking lot, only to see a car speeding away. The vandals had watched a woman get out of her car with no purse in hand and walk towards the softball fields. Within a few moments, her car window was broken and her purse was stolen off the front seat. The vandals had a get away car ready to go, leaped in and took off before anyone could get the licence plate number.


Please use caution when parking at Morley Field (or anywhere in Balboa Park, for that matter). Never get out of your car, and lock your valuables in the trunk or tuck them under the seat while in the Morley Field Parking Lot, then walk away. Lock your valuable in the trunk or hide them BEFORE you get to the parking lot. The thieves may be sitting in a car watching everyone come and go, then walk past a recently parked car to see if anything valuable is within easy reach. 


Stay safe!

 San Diego Archers