2017 Club Championship Awards Are In!

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2017 Club Championship Results!
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Any member who has scores recorded from at least one each of: 3D Round, Animal Round, Field Round & Hunter Round is eligible for the Club Championship Award. The highest cumulative score is given the Club Championship Award for each bow style. All others are awarded Club Championship Qualifier Certificates. Awards are handed out at the San Diego Archers Annual Holiday Banquet & Awards Celebration held on the Monday evening following the last shoot of the year. The banquet is FREE to all members (guests are welcome for an additional fee)! This year, all Club Champions for each bow style were given a gift certificate for one free shoot. 

Congratulations to Mark Omel!

Mark is the 2017 SDA Club Champion with the highest cumulative score of 1933 + 146

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Field Round Results – 17 December 2017

Congratulations to:
Dave Dooney – Top Male Compound Score (AMBHFS) & Top Score of the Shoot!
525 points + 37 X’s

Clarissa Bond – Top Female Compound Score (AFFS):
485 points + 17 X’s
Joshua Toledo – Top Male Traditional Score (AMTRAD):
261 points + 4 X’s
**NOTE: Joshua was initially listed in BHFS category, but was shooting recurve (TRAD). Our apologies to Thomas Garces, visiting from Beaumont, CA. who placed 2nd, instead of 1st with 222 points + 3 X’s, very nice shooting!**
Patty Koutz – Top Female Traditional Score (AFTRAD):
83 points + 1 X
Terry Limone – Top Female Olympic Recurve Score (AFFSL R/L):
217 points
Peter Limone – Top Male Olympic Recurve Score (AMFSL R/L:
285 points + 3 X’s
28 paper Field targets: 560 total points and 112 X’s

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Unmarked 3D Results – 03 December 2017

Congratulations to:
Mark Omel – Top Male Compound Score (AMFS) & Top Score of the Shoot!
278 points + 17 X’s
Followed closely by Jason Null: 278 points + 16 X’s…Tie broken by ONE X!
Nicely done, guys!
Melanie Lucia – Top Female Compound Score (AFFS):
243 points + 7 X’s
Steve Lopez – Top Male Traditional Score (AMTRAD):
160 points
Karen Yankopoulos – Top Female Traditional Score (AFTRAD):
79 points
Peter Limone – Top Male Olympic Recurve Score (AMFSL R/L):
176 points + 1 X’s
Terry Limone- Top Female Olympic Recurve Score (AFFSL R/L:
130 points + 1 X’s
28 3D animal targets: 280 total points and 28 X’s possible.
Turnout: 94 archers registered, 84 scorecards turned in.

CMSRCRice, Andrew23441

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