Animal Round — 15 April 2017 (Saturday)

Animal Round
The San Diego Archers
Will host the Animal Round
This Saturday, April 15, 2017
At the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range

Registration opens at 7:30am
Registration Closes at 8:45am
Shoot begins at 9am

The Animal Round includes:
28 2D Paper Field Targets
1–3 Arrows per Target
Maximum Score: 588
No Rangefinders allowed

Ani­mal Rounds use 2D paper tar­gets with ‘uneven’ dis­tances between 5 and 60 yards, rem­i­nis­cent of the Hunter Round. The rules and scor­ing are sig­nif­i­cant­ly dif­fer­ent.

The archer begins at the first YELLOW shoot­ing stake of the tar­get and shoots the first arrow. If it hits, you do not have to shoot again. If it miss­es, you advance to the sec­ond shoot­ing stake and shoot a sec­ond arrow, then, to the third shoot­ing stake for a third shot, if need­ed.


Animal Target

The best score per target is 21
Maximum Score: 588


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Unmarked 3D Results — 02 April 2017

Con­grat­u­la­tions to:
Mark Omel — Top Com­pound Score of the shoot:
276 + 11 X’s
Leo Latoreno — Top Tra­di­tion­al Score of the Shoot:
206 + 2 X’s! 

28 3D ani­mal tar­gets: 280 points total and 28 X’s pos­si­ble.
Turnout: 110 archers reg­is­tered, 88 score­cards turned in.

PWFNFRBourhen­ne, Sephora201
CFNFRTay­lor, Rachel581
CFNFRBourhen­ne, Sofia402
CMNFRHar­rel, Rio1271
CMNFRRaschtsche­nia, Ste­fan602
CMNFRTay­lor, Mason153
YFTRADPeek, Olivia461
YFTRADBanks, Haley302
YMBBRoot, James12111
YMBHFSJus­tice, Dylan1521
YMBHFSJus­tice, Logan11112
YAMFSL R/LIlu­so­rio, Orland1411
YAFBHSpillers, Shel­by781
MSMFSZaleck­is, Dave25751
SSFTRADTay­lor, Lee7711
SSMBHFSRiess, Bob21651
SSMBHFSNor­man, Duane19232
SSMFSRichard­son, Rod23961
SSMFSRivera, Igna­cio23862
SSMFSPeitz, Bill
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3D – 2 Apr 2017

Unmarked 3D Round
The San Diego Archers
Will host the 3D Round
This Sunday, April 2, 2017
At the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range

Registration opens at 7:30am
Registration Closes at 8:45am
Shoot begins at 9am

The 3D Round includes:
28 2D Paper Hunter Targets
1 Arrows per Target
Maximum Score: 280
No Rangefinders allowed

A wide range of high-qual­i­ty Rhine­hart and Macken­zie tar­gets are set in var­i­ous hunt­ing sce­nar­ios. Only one arrow per tar­get is allowed unless mul­li­gans have been pur­chased. A max­i­mum of two mul­li­gans and one or two doe tags may be pur­chased at reg­is­tra­tion for an addi­tion­al $1 each.

As an unmarked shoot, you have to esti­mate the dis­tance to the tar­get your­self with­out the assis­tance of a range find­er. This is a dif­fi­cult and chal­leng­ing aspect of the­se shoots, so don’t let your shoot­ing part­ners know what you Read more »