3D Round

>>>Range Finders Allowed!!<<<

This Sunday 

The San Diego Archers

Will host the 3D Round

At the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range

This Sunday, July 5, 2015.


Registration opens at 7:30am

Registration closes at 8:45an

Shoot begins at 9am 

The 3D Round includes:

28 3D targets

1 arrow per target


A wide range of high quality Rhinehart and Mackenzie targets are set in various hunting scenarios.  Use of Range Finders is OK at this shoot.  Only one arrow per target is allowed unless mulligans have been purchased.  A maximum of two mulligans and one doe tag may be purchased at registration for an additional $1 each. 

Scoring: 10-8-5

Maximum Score: 280 

Mulligans and Doe Tags:

If you missed or scored low with the first arrow, a mulligan allows you to take another shot at a target.  If you use a mulligan, your score is determined by that second arrow, even if you score worse than the first arrow.  You may use a second mulligan on the same target.  Your score is determined by the last arrow shot. 

There will be 1 or 2 buck-doe spreads in the field, where the doe placed between the buck and the archer.  If you hit the doe and do not have a doe tag, you score -5 on the target. If you have a doe tag, you score zero.  You cannot use a mulligan if you hit the doe, whether or not you have a doe tag.  If you hit the buck or miss completely, you may use a mulligan and your score is determined from that second arrow. 

Entry fee: $15 per person,  $10 for members

Active Duty Military: $10


Note: As with all 3D shoots – We will shoot come Rain or Shine.


Please arrive at the Balboa Park Archery Range with plenty of time to register.

To ensure we start on time, registration will close at 8:45am

Shootiing starts at 9am.


Please send any questions or comments to: SanDiegoArchers@yahoo.com.