Restricted Access To Balboa Range

Saturday Morning, October 17!!

Hello Fellow Archers,

This weekend is a double whammy and caught us off guard: We moved our Sunday Animal Round to Saturday, October 17 to avoid the congestion associated with the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk through Balboa Park on Sunday. We just found out that there is another event on Saturday which will block access to the Alcazar Parking Lot next to our Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s, is on Saturday, October 17. It starts in the parking lot between Park Blvd and the Hall of Champions, goes north on Pan-American Road, across the Laurel St./Cabrillo Bridge, South on Balboa Drive, back across the Bridge and ending in the same parking lot where it started. 

The 3-mile walk begins at 8am. In the past, some archers have had luck talking their way past the road blocks and made it to the Alcazar Parking Lot, if they were early enough before the walk begins. Other times, we have parked on Balboa Drive and walked across the Cabrillo Bridge or in the Zoo parking lot and walked through the Park with our archery gear. Balboa Drive may be the best parking alternative this weekend, since the staging area for the Walk is on the Park Blvd side of the Park. 

Our apologies for the inconvenience. Major events such as the Rock and Roll Marathon and the Susan G. Koman 3-Day Breast Cancer walk are not on the online Balboa Park Calendar. We have to check the individual calendars of each of these events to determine which may conflict with our tournament schedule….there are now nine events (including Easter) we need to track when planning our calendar for the following year.  

This is our last Animal Round of the year. For those of you who would still like to qualify for the Club Championship Awards, but need a score in an Animal Round, this is your last chance!  Hope to see you Saturday!!


Thank you,

                  San Diego Archers