Thank you to everyone who joined us for a very fun Sir Gordon Traditional Shoot!!
In honor of our most valuable Member Emeritus Sir Gordon Vail (in absentia), we had another great turnout this year.
And a special thank you to the set up crew: John MacKenzie, Mike Heisler, Ryan Jacobs, and Mark Omel. The leopard climbing the tree was a first (for many of us)!
Congratulations to:
Russ Harrel, Top Male Recurve: 460 + 6 X’s!
Shermaine Adad, Top Female Recurve Score: 312 + 2 X’s
Renal Earl, Top Male Longbow Score: 456 + 6 X’s!
Patty Koutz, Top Female Longbow Score: 220 + 2 X’s
Terry Limone, Top Female Olympic Recurve Score: 354 + 2 X’s!
Peter Limone, Top Male Olympic Recurve Score & Top Trad Score of the Shoot: 492 + 11 X’s

The new format was fun again this year! 32 targets and TWO arrows per target (instead of one arrow/28 targets), so max points were 640 (not 280).

(Honorable mention to our wheelie friends. No awards were given, but great shooting from them all! Results below.)

32 3D targets: 640 total points and 64 X’s possible.
Turnout: 67 archers, 61 scorecards turned in.
45 traditional archers and 23 archers with “training wheels”  😉

Cub, Female, No Sight, Fingers, Recurve
CFNFRTaylor, Rachel30111
Cub, Male, No Sight, Fingers, Recurve
CMNFRPegg, Brandon17811
Master Senior Male Longbow-Carbon Arrows
MSMLCRadding, Sam36511
Master Senior Male Recurve
MSMRTarango, Jose3811
MSMRZaleckis, Dave29732
MSMRCortez, Joe2453
Senior Male Longbow-Carbon Arrows
SMLCFleming, Dana43631
Senior Male Longbow-Wooden Arrows
SMLWDavis, Rick39231
SMLWPaulson, Joel29112
Senior Male Recurve
SMRMorgan, Bill39981
SMRChu, Daniel39572
SMRLyford, Larry31323
SMRPenner, Scott3122
SMRPaulson, Douglas2661
SMRTahmahkera, Steve2583
Adult Male Longbow-Carbon Arrows
AMLCHeisler, Mike45261
AMLCJacobs, Ryan36032
Adult Female Longbow-Wooden Arrows
AFLWKoutz, Patty22021Top Female Longbow
Adult Male Longbow-Wooden Arrows
AMLWEarl, Renal45661Top Male Longbow
Adult Female Barebow Recurve
AFBRAbad, Shermaine31221Top Female Recurve
Adult Female Olympic Recurve
AFORLimone, Terry35421Top Female Olympic Recurve
Adult Male Olympic Recurve
AMORLimone, Peter492111Top Male Olympic Recurve
Adult Female Recurve
AFRPaulson, Erica2581
AFRWong, Apinya24912
AFRSokolova, Alice20003
Adult Male Recurve
AMRHarrel, Russ46061Top Male Recurve
AMRBaker, Jim42272
AMRToledo, Joshua41633
AMRPak, Tony4074
AMRDupuis, Michael360
AMRMorgan, Ammar3582
AMRTomas, Jeff354
AMRTaylor, Kevin3443
AMRPegg, Chris3164
AMRMacKenzie, John3058
AMRSantos, Mark2983
AMRGabbert, Steve2863
AMRQuinones, David282
AMROliver, Robert2793
AMRBourhenne, Derrick2631
AMRHernandez, Ezequiel2523

 Compound Bow Results

Cub, Female, No Sight, Fingers, Compound
CFNFCPegg, Charley26221
Senior Female Compound
SFCWest, Dottie47761
Senior Male Compound
SMCRivera, Ignacio611211
SMCGarvey, Mike606242
SMCHowell, Mike605243
SMCWest, Cary58618
SMCStewart, Gregg58413
SMCBacling, Louis56621
SMCHooper, Brandon50612
SMCHartman, Phil4818
Adult Female Compound
AFCOmel, Tomi600231Top Female Compound
Adult Male Compound
AMCOmel, Mark631331Top Male Compound
AMCJackson, Gabe620252
AMCMatranga, Vincent606253
AMCWood, Kim60420
AMCDunn, Joe60118
AMCStewart, Matthew 58219
AMCHopper, Ken57218
AMCFrancia, Wilfred824(Equipment Failure)