Thank you to everyone who joined us for a very fun Sir Gordon Traditional Shoot!!
Congratulations to:
Rob Collins (SMLC), Top Male Longbow-Carbon Arrows & Top Trad Score of the shoot: 514 + 4 X’s!

Ammar Morgan (AMR), Top Male Recurve: 481 + 4 X’s!
Rachel Taylor (CFR), Top Female Recurve Score: 346 + 4 X’s
Joshua Toledo (AMLW), Top Male Longbow-Wooden Arrows: 292 + 3 X’s!
Patty Koutz (AFLW), Top Female Longbow-Wooden Arrows: 255 + 2 X’s!

Terry Limone (AFOR), Top Female Olympic Recurve: 361 + 1 X!
Peter Limone (AMOR), Top Male Olympic Recurve: 484 + 10 X’s!

Shermaine Abad (AFBR), Top Female Barebow Recurve:  382 + 1X!

Philip Han (AMBR), Top Male Barebow Recurve:  444!

Honorable Mentions

Thomas Pham (AMOR w/ Rangefinder), 605 + 16 X’s and

Joe Dunn (AMC), highest score of the day, overall, 614 + 21 X’s!

The new format was fun again this year! 32 targets and TWO arrows per target (instead of one arrow/28 targets), so max points were 640 (not 280).

Age  (Male & Female):       _Bow Divisions are:
PW   PeeWee (5 & under)      LC   Longbow-Carbon Arrows
C     Cub (6-11)                           LW   Longbow-Wooden Arrows
Y     Youth (12-14)                    R    Recurve
YA   Young Adult (15-17)      BR   Barebow Recurve
A    Adult (18+)                          OR   Olympic Recurve
S    Senior (55+)                        C    Compound
MS   Master Senior (65+)

(Honorable mention to our wheelie friends. No awards were given, but great shooting from them all! Results below.)

32 3D targets: 640 total points and 64 X’s possible.
Turnout: 59 registered including 14 new shooters to an SDA tournament.  49 score cards turned in.
48 traditional archers and 11 archers with “training wheels”  😉

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Tournament Scoring Notes:
For “rangefinder not allowed” tournaments, only the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place scorers not using rangefinders will be shown.

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