Sir Gordon shoot a great tribute with ties to Rube Powell.

Thank you to our member and future member helping to keep our tradition to expand and perpetuate the practice of archery and the spirit of good fellowship among archers. And thank you to all the volunteers today and future events. Tell your friends about this special art of archery and fantastic people in our club. May your arrows fly true and hit the mark.


Josh De Guzman, Top Male Wood Recurve, Carbon Arrows: 328 + 6 X’s!
Ammar Morgan Wood Recurve, Carbon Arrows: 324
Jim Walker Wood Recurve, Carbon Arrows: 306 + 2 X’s!

Apinya Wong, Top Female Metal Recurve, Carbon Arrows: 221
Sarah Seal, Female Wood Recurve, Carbon Arrows: 178
Alice Sokolova, Female Recurve, Carbon Arrows: 155

Earl Renal, Male Longbow, Wooden Arrows: 297 + 7 X’s!
John MacKenzie, Male Longbow, Wooden Arrows: 290 + 4 X’s!

Honorable Mention:
John Pascual. Top “Compound”, 614 + 22 X’s!

(Honorable mention to our wheelie friends. No awards were given, but great shooting from them all! Results below.)

32 3D targets: 640 total points and 64 X’s possible.


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