CBH/SAA State Target Championship 900 Round
will be hosted by the the San Diego Archers on
Sunday, September 18, 2022
at the Morley Field Archery Range

Official CBHSAA State Target Tournament Online Registration/Payment (for California 900 Records)

Neither registration nor payment will not be accepted at the range. Please see the link above.


San Diego Archers 900 Round

On the day of the shoot, visit the visitors table between 7:30 am to 8:45 am. Please print and bring with you the CBH/SAA registration / proof of payment for each participant. Shooting begins at 9am.

-+ For information only +-
Base Fee: $40

Cub 8 – 11; Youth 12-14; Young Adult 15-17; Adult 18 – 49; Senior 50 – 59; Silver Senior 60 – 69; Master Senior 70+; Pro-Adult; Pro-Senior; Pro-Silver Senior; and Pro-Master Senior.

Minus adjustments as below

Cub (C) (subtract $20.00)
Cub – Guest (subtract $5.00)
Youth (Y) (subtract $20.00)
Youth – Guest (subtract $5.00)
Young Adult (YA) (subtract $20.00)
Young Adult – Guest (subtract $5.00)

All Others – Guest (add $35.00), plus $5.94 service fee.

What is the CBH/SAA State 900 Round?
This is a 90-arrow (900 points), 30 arrows per distance round.

Distances are broken down by age group:
60, 50, 40 yards for Adults (Young Adult, Adult, Senior, Silver Senior, Master Senior)
50, 40, 30 yards for Youths
30, 20, 10 yards for Cubs

You’ll be shooting 5 ends (or groups) of six arrows at each of 60, 50, 40 yards for adults, 50, 40, 30 yards for youth and 30, 20, 10 yards for cubs.

There will be a five-minute time limit to shoot six arrows.

900 Round TargetThe target is 122 cm in diameter (see picture at right).

Divided into five concentric color zones the target face is arranged from center outward as follows:  Gold, Red, Blue, Black and White.

Each concentric color zone is divided into two concentric circles, resulting in 10 scoring zones.

Arrows shall be scored as follows: Inner Gold-10, Outer Gold-9, Inner Red-8, Outer Red-7, Inner Blue-6, Outer Blue-5, Inner Black-4, Outer Black-3, Inner White-2, Outer White-1; all others shall be scored as an “M” (miss).


Don’t know your specific bow style?
Check out this great chart from CBH!

After tallying your paper scorecard, be sure to submit your score online at https://sandiegoarchers.com/scoring