SDA Member Awards Banquet 13 January 2020

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The 2019 Club Championship Awards were presented at the Annual San Diego Archers Holiday Banquet & Awards Celebration held on Monday, 13 January at the Edgewater Grill in Seaport Village.  Awards presented are posted HERE

If you attended the banquet, we’d like to know what you think so we can make next year’s banquet even better!  Click HERE to take a quick 6-question anonymous survey.  Thank you in advance for helping make San Diego Archers great!

Stolen Archery Equipment!!!

Please be on the lookout for stolen archery equipment!!!

Attention All Archers! 

Please be on the lookout for the following equipment stolen from the back of Bob Mangan’s truck (inside a locked shell) in Lemon Grove on Friday night, April 6th, between ~9pm and 6am Saturday morning. This is equipment Bob uses to assist in our Wounded Warrior Archery Clinic on Monday mornings at Morley and nearly every weekend at the Balboa Practice Range. Bob is the Balboa Practice Area Range Captain and can be found there MANY hours each week, helping new and visiting archers to the range. We hope many of our tech-savvy members are able to track down all (or at least some) of Bob’s equipment!


Compound: Matthews 32, Camouflage, 40-50 lb draw weight, 5-pin TRUGLO sight, Green & black pre-stretched string, very large blue peep (without rubber sight tube), Ripecord Arrow Rest, Quick-release insert without stabilizer, Expensive Pelican case (~4 ft long case).

Compound: Matthews Switchback XT, Camouflage, 40-50 lb draw weight, 5-pin Spot Hogg Hogg-It sight, Green & black pre-stretched string, very large blue (or black) peep (without rubber sight tube), Ripecord Arrow Rest, Quick-release insert without stabilizer, Plastic compound bow case.

Compound: Parker EZ-Draw, Camouflage with dark limbs, ~30 lb draw weight, Cobra sight with sight stops, Peep with rubber sight tube, Full capture drop away rest (looks like Shakey Hunter Arrow Rest), Black & camo soft case. With two sets of arrows: 1) ~one dozen carbon express, black shaft, white & pink fletching, 2) ~one dozen Victory breast cancer arrows, pink shaft, white & pink fletching.

Compound: Matthews Genesis, Camouflage, 15-40 lb draw weight, 5-pin TRUGLO sight, Green & black string, Peep with rubber sight tube, Flipper Rest, Black & camouflage soft case.

Recurve: Custom-restored Samick, 30 lb draw weight, no sight, Flemish string, recently restored to glowing, new condition, Camouflage bow sock.

Recurve: Browning, 35-40 lb draw weight, sight removed (leaving holes in the riser), Flemish string, Camouflage bow sock.

Custom quiver, cow hide with white & brown hair, magnetic bottom

4-5 generic quivers with various breast cancer arrows, Gold tip arrows with pin nocks, 40 or more arrows.

Jig & Box for Fletching Aarrows: Camouflage-painted poly-foam box (~18”L x 10”W x 8” H) with two arrow jigs on top: 1) JoJan single jig, 2) Blitzenburger jig. Contents inside included everything needed for fletching arrows.

If you have any information about this equipment, please contact the San Diego Archers at:

Thank you so much to the best group of archers in the world!!

New 3D Format Feedback

Tell us what you think about the new changes to our Unmarked 3D Shoots!!

We tried two new things in this 3D Round: 1) Allowing a “Range Finder-Guest” category in our Unmarked, No Range Finders Allowed 3D shoots. This is in response to comments from MANY archers who don’t shoot these incredibly fun tournaments, because they shoot very expensive arrows and don’t want to destroy an arrow if they misjudge the distance. Now, anyone is welcome to use a Range Finder to come out and enjoy the fun, but these scores will not be eligible for shoot awards or year-end Club Championship awards. (Note: Range Finder scores are posted after the usual No Range Finder scores on the results page). 2) We’ve added an orange “Trad Cone” to our 3D Rounds for all Recurve & Longbow archers. Now, the maximum distance for Trad archers is the same as the Youth division, no more than 40 yards! What do you think of these changes?? If you have any suggestions or comments on how to handle these changes better, please let us know! Send an email to: or comment on our Facebook page HERE. Jim W. has posted a poll question there about the changes. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!