Tell us what you think about the new changes to our Unmarked 3D Shoots!!

We tried two new things in this 3D Round: 1) Allowing a “Range Finder-Guest” category in our Unmarked, No Range Finders Allowed 3D shoots. This is in response to comments from MANY archers who don’t shoot these incredibly fun tournaments, because they shoot very expensive arrows and don’t want to destroy an arrow if they misjudge the distance. Now, anyone is welcome to use a Range Finder to come out and enjoy the fun, but these scores will not be eligible for shoot awards or year-end Club Championship awards. (Note: Range Finder scores are posted after the usual No Range Finder scores on the results page). 2) We’ve added an orange “Trad Cone” to our 3D Rounds for all Recurve & Longbow archers. Now, the maximum distance for Trad archers is the same as the Youth division, no more than 40 yards! What do you think of these changes?? If you have any suggestions or comments on how to handle these changes better, please let us know! Send an email to: or comment on our Facebook page HERE. Jim W. has posted a poll question there about the changes. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!