The San Diego Archers would like to thank the 20 (yes, 20!) volunteers who joined the work party on Saturday, April 29, at the Rube Powell Archery Range. If you haven’t visited the range since then, you will be amazed at the transformation since the Animal Round on April 15. Most of the areas where the weeds were shoulder-high have been cleared!
Thank you to: Bernie V., Todd T., James A., Phil H., Derrick B., David V., Allison M., Steve M., Clarissa B., Russ H., Doug S., Peter L., Terry L., Jim W., Louis B., Pat P., Jack H., John M., Jim B., +1 more (who didn’t sign in…)
    Individual contributions to range maintenance are also greatly appreciated: On Wednesday, April 19, an archer was spotted from the Cabrillo Bridge, walking from Target 19 to 20 (under the bridge) with his bow and a large weed cutter tool (like a garden hoe, but for swinging and cutting down weeds). He wasn’t recognized because he was wearing a hat, but his enthusiasm was very much appreciated!
Travis B. has also made many passes through the Rube Powell Range with his weed whacker after work during the week, clearing much of the south range.
Thank you to all volunteers! 
    There is still much more work to be done: clearing more weeds, replacing target bales and backstops, etc. The next work party is on Sunday, May 14, 7am-10am. Yes, this is Mother’s Day, but many of the potential volunteers said they would love to come out early and get more work done before any Mother’s Day celebrations begin. More info to be posted soon.
    Remember: Volunteers get to shoot their next tournament for free! 
    Thank you,
        San Diego Archers