Morley Field Archery Range Work Party was a huge success!  The range looks great and is ready your use.  We have the best volunteers in San Diego! 

A special thank you to all our volunteers who arrived early and knocked out the work!  Next time you shoot at Morley, take notice of all the improvements on and around the range.  We could not have completed this work without the selfless dedication of the following:

Mark O.

Tomi O.

Bruce M.

Renee M.

Kevin T.

Jessica T.

Steve T.

Dave H.

Enrique R.

Ed L.

Frank G.

David P.

Brandon H.

Ignacio R.

Dennis S.

Travis B.

Pietro L.

Terry L.

Dave H.

Tara F.

Apinya W.

Craig C.

Ken H.

Joe D.

James J.

I know I missed a few folks who helped and apologize for not getting your names on the list.  Your support is also appreciated, and if you send an email to with your name, I’ll update the list to properly thank you as well.  Also, if you have any pictures from the work party you can share, please send them to and we’ll get them on the website.