So Much ARCHERY Fun in Balboa Park This Summer!
Dates Event Location
Sunday, July 15 Royals Archery Tourney hosted by The Barony of Calafia (same day as Hunter Round at Balboa Range) Morley Field Archery Range
Sunday, July 29 Archery SWAP MEET at the Sir Gordon’s Traditional 3D Shoot Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range
Sunday, August 12 Season Opener 3D Shoot hosted by San Diego Muleys Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range
Mondays, 10am-noon Wounded Warrior Battalion Archery Clinics Morley Field Archery Range
Tuesday Evenings Tuesday League Morley Field Archery Range
Friday Evenings Friday Night Lights Morley Field Archery Range
2nd Saturdays Alpine 3D Shoot hosted by Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club Alpine

Hello Fellow Archers!

There are LOTS of fun and exciting things happening this summer at both of our archery ranges in Balboa Park (& elsewhere, too!) For anyone looking for a great volunteer opportunity, please scroll down for details about the Wounded Warrior Archery Clinic, run by the Wounded Warrior Battalion and hosted by the San Diego Archers on Monday mornings! Other archery events to choose from are a new prep for deer hunting: the Season Opener 3D Round, a long-awaited SWAP MEET, a Royal Archery Tournament, and, of course, the Tuesday League continues, come join the Friday Night Lights at Morley and the monthly Alpine 3D Shoot! Phew! So much to choose from!

Check out the new San Diego Archers Facebook group for SDA members HERE for more information about most of these events!

Wounded Warrior Battalion Archer Clinics
Mondays, ~10am-noon, (except Federal holidays)
Morley Field Archery Range.

The San Diego Archers supports the Wounded Warrior Battalion Archery Clinic by providing volunteer instructors, maintenance of existing archery equipment, archery range use and, of course, our donation of $4000 from the Flying Pig 3D Fundraiser to buy new equipment & supplies for the program! The Monday morning clinics are always looking for more volunteers to fill in as current volunteers move away or take on new jobs. You don’t need to be a Level II Coach, just be enthusiastic about archery & share that enthusiasm with our Wounded Warriors. This is one of many Health & Wellness clinics offered through the USMC Warrior Athlete Reconditioning Program, held year-round (except Federal holidays) at the Morley Range. You don’t have to commit to every Monday, but if you have a free Monday morning, please join us. It is a very casual, yet incredibly rewarding program, especially when you watch someone who has never held a bow, keep signing up for the clinic, then showing up with their own equipment, then SDA Tournaments, then becoming an SDA family member! We are truly honored to be a part of this program. Contact: for more info.

The Society for Creative Anachronism presents

Royal Champion Archery & Thrown Weapons Tournament
Sunday, July 15, 2018, 8AM-5PM
Hosted by The Barony of Calafia
Morley Field Archery Range
  (NOTE: Same day as SDA Hunter Round at Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range!)

Pre-registration to participate is required. Please visit their Facebook page HERE.
A full day of archery and thrown weapons activities, including:
The Royal Champion competitions
A tiered elimination shoot
A coin/bag shoot
A collection of novelty shoots
Clout shoot.

Spectators are welcome! Printable flyer HERE.

**More combat activities will be happening at UCSD, Stonehenge Park on Saturday, July 14, including armored, rapier, unarmored, youth. More information on Facebook HERE.**


Archery Swap Meet at the SDA Sir Gordon’s Traditional 3D Shoot
Sunday, July 29, 2018, 7AM-2PM
Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range
“Give me your new, your used, your piles of archery gear yearning to breathe free…”

Please bring your new or used archery related equipment and gear to sell or swap during the Sir Gordon’s Traditional Shoot, July 29, 2018. Our “Swap Meet” will be, BYOT (bring your own table). Sellers may set up equipment for display or sale between 7am through to the end of the day’s tournament awards ceremony.

A few notes about our San Diego Archers Swap Meet.
– The SDA have a few tables available, but we recommend you bring your own.
– Each Seller is responsible for securing their equipment. No security will be provided.
– Crossbows are not allowed at Balboa Archery Range and will not be allowed for sale.
– Each transaction is private between the seller and the buyer.
– The San Diego Archers Club accepts no liability for faulty equipment or payment defaults.

Season Opener 3D Shoot hosted by San Diego Muleys
Sunday, August 12, 2018, 6:30AM- ?
Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range
Are you ready for deer season?
Come try out the new Season Opener 3D Shoot! Sign up and start anytime between 6:30AM & 9:00AM.
Range Finder friendly (on most shots!). Printable flyer HERE.
The top 2 male & female shooters who register as hunters will get their San Diego deer tag paid for!
For more information, contact Check them out on Instagram (@sandiego_muleys)!

Tuesday Evening League
Tuesday’s 5:45PM – ~7PM
Morley Field Archery Range
The 3rd and final leg of the 2018 Tuesday Evening League starts this week, July 10 through August 21.
This leg is a mini or ½ 900 Round three 5-arrow ends at 60-50-40 yards. $5 per shoot.

Friday Night Lights & BBQ
Fridays until ~9PM (gates lock at ~9:30PM)
Morley Field Archery Range
Back by popular demand! A tradition started by one of SDA most dedicated members, Ed Herrera, and carried on by Morley Range Captain Thomas Pham. A very casual and loosely organized gathering at the Morley Field Range and a great way to end the week: Hang out with great friends, meet new friends, shoot a few ends, eat good food and talk about ARCHERY! If you are interested, please let Thomas know during the week: He is at Morley every evening except Thursdays or message him (Thomas Vu Pham) through the San Diego Archers Facebook Group HERE. If at least 2-3 people agree to help out, it will happen. The Basdens have really jumped in and set up a big BBQ & canopy the last couple of weeks. (Thank you!) Bring food to share, drinks (no alcohol allowed in the Park), your bow and have fun! Lights are set up on the target butts at dusk. Check out the cool photo from July 6 posted by JD and live video feed posted by Jim Walker on the Facebook group page!

Alpine 3D Shoot hosted by the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club
2nd Saturday of each month, EXCEPT June & October.
Directions & information HERE.
Great 3D shoot in San Diego’s East County. Sign up and start anytime between 6AM and 8:30AM. The course is taken down by noon.

So! There you have it. It will be a busy summer of archery in Balboa Park, we hope you are able to enjoy some of these fun events with us!

Happy Shooting,
San Diego Archers