THANK YOU, thank you, Thank You,


Archery would not exist in Balboa Park without the hard work of volunteers who love archery.  If you love the sport of archery and enjoy shooting at the Balboa or Morley Ranges, please come join us at a future work party to help maintain these incredible archery ranges. Non-members are welcome, too! 

February Work Party Wrap Up

A HUGE THANK YOU to the volunteers who worked so hard on Sunday, Feb 8: Graham, Doug, Peter, Dana, Pat, Scott and Patty nearly finished the realignment of the right field at the Morley range.  It was an enormous job ferrying bales from the Balboa Range, unstacking all the target butts, moving the bases and restacking the butts in their new locations. Thank you also to Duane and John, who finished making the last four target bases on Saturday.  Dave held his ground at the Balboa Range, making and installing new yardage markers at the targets which were closed during the Cabrillo Bridge renovation. Thank you, Dave! 

January Work Party Wrap Up

A giant THANK YOU to the volunteers at the January 10 work party: Rob, Fred, Pat, Mike, Peter and Patty. The bale making area was cleaned up, the road from the practice area to target #1 was leveled out, stairs at target #24 rebuilt, palm fronds stacked and shooting lanes cleared.  

And a special thank you to the Bale Making Monsters: Graham, Carlos, Craig, Chad, Ed, Doug, and Dorian.  And, of course, Duane and Dave, who are constantly working on things behind the scenes.