The Zach Hamel 3D

Sunday 6th May 2012

Good Luck Zach – San Diego Archers wish you and your family well.

Thank you everyone for giving your support to Zach and his family. It was a fantastic turn out and a great shoot. Everyone had a good time and we raised a good amount of cash for the Zach Hamel Trust Fund.

San Diego Archers, Zach and the rest of the Hamel family would like to thank everyone who generously donated to the fund raising efforts.

A very special thank you goes to Dorian Hansen who rallied us all to Zach’s cause. Not only did he initially instigate the fund raising shoot, he personally put in a huge amount of effort. Collecting a wide assortment of raffle prizes, donations, encouraging every archer from miles around to attend and contribute, providing the catering from Abby’s Real BBQ and then donating all of the proceeds to the cause. 



A few last minute changes pushed Irv out of placing in AMBHFS and raised Duane to 1st place in SMBHFS

due to Captain Ron Meinert being miss placed in SMBHFS – he’s still a young lad … really he is..


Member Style Name Score Place
  AFBHFS Black, Amy 156 1
  AFBHFS Mendez, Julie 127 2
2012 AFBHFS Seifert, Tracy    
  AMBHFS Meinert, Ron 265 1
  AMBHFS Santa Maria, Fred 249 2
  AMBHFS Carter, Ron 233 3
  AMBHFS Collins, Irv 226  
  AMBHFS Parks, Fred 224  
  AMBHFS Busalacchi, Mario 221  
2012 ambhfs Prsha, mark 216  
2012 AMBHFS Howell, Mike 213  
  AMBHFS Creighton, Pat 212  
  AMBHFS Evans, Carl 212  
  AMBHFS Garvey, Mike 204  
  AMBHFS Liles, Chris 192  
2012 AMBHFS Terwilliger, Kent 189  
2012 AMBHFS Maclean, Dan 184  
2012 AMBHFS Grossman, Mike    
2012 AMBHFS Hemphill, Richard    
  AMBHFS Pole, Keni    
2012 AMBHFS Pritzl, Mike    
2012 AMFS Styles, Greg 270 1
2012 AMFS Bamfield, Graham 266 2
  AMFS Lancaster, Doug 265 3
  AMFS Espinoza, Carlos 257  
  AMFS Wood, D.J. 256  
  AMFS Weber,Dean 251  
2012 AMFS Claar, Mark 247  
2012 AMFS Mead, Barney 244  
  AMFS Hansen, Dorian 239  
  AMFS Cruz Sr., Jose 238  
2012 AMFS Hughes, Jeremy 231  
  AMFS Keener, Sammy 222  
2012 AMFS Jones, Shane 195  
  AMFS Cheney, Mark    
  AMFS Lesage, Brandon    
  AMFS Lesage, Kirk    
  AMFS Meinert, Nick    
  AMFS Napierskie, Jeff    
  AMFS Seifert, Ron    
  AMTRAD Schultz, Norbert 149 1
  AMTRAD Osorio, Joe 127 2
  AMTRAD Berry, Brian 110 3
  AMTRAD Weidlich, Stev 109  
  AMTRAD Alderete, Richard 90  
  AMTRAD Lucero, Ed 86  
  AMTRAD Arias, Ismael 68  
2012 AMTRAD Lahmann, Joshua    
2012 AMTRAD Lahmann, Keith    
  AMTRAD Lahmann, John    
2012 AMTRAD Spencer, Don    
2012 CFSRC Swallow, Nicole    
  MAMBHFS Holder, Joe 214 1
  MSMBHFSL Walker, David 151 1
  MSMFS Richardson, Rod 232 1
  MSMFS Harris, Brad 218 2
  MSMFS Dawson, Bob 213 3
  MSMFS Savageau, James 207  
  MSMFS Ahrensberg, Dan 196  
  MSMTRAD Vail, Gordon 182 1
  SFFS Claar, Deedee    
  SMBB Hartman, Phil 170 1
  SMBHFS Norman, Duane 227 1
  SMBHFS Prsha, Jeff 197 2
  SMFS Zaleckis, Dave 229 1
  SMFS Olsen, Tony 205 2
  SMFS Ard, Rob    
2012 SMFS Rummage, Jimmy    
  YAMBHFS Hemphill, Robert    
  YAMBHFSL Devon 68 1
  YAMFS Claar, Garrett 218 1
  YAMFSL RL Alderete, Marcello 41 1
2012 YFBHFS Jones, Madison 155 1
  YFTRAD Lucero, Lilly 45 1